QTCinderella explains why Streamer Awards matter: “It’s so much more than a stupid frog trophy”

Virginia Glaze
QTCinderella Streamer Awards interview

Twitch star QTCinderella opened up about her passion for The Streamer Awards in an exclusive interview with Dexerto, explaining why the ceremony matters for squashing beef and recognizing hard-working content creators.

The Streamer Awards are nearly upon us. Scheduled for Saturday, March 11, this grassroots ceremony celebrates live streamers and content creators from multiple social media platforms as voted by their peers and the community.

The entire show is orchestrated by Twitch streamer QTCinderella, who has become well-known for creating other live events like Shitcamp, which are specifically curated for broadcasters.

It’s safe to say that The Streamer Awards is the biggest of these events — and is also one of the most important activities for the streaming community at large, helping to quash feuds between creators and shine a well-deserved light on overlooked influencers.

QTCinderella says Streamer Awards helps connect creators

As the Awards loom on the horizon, we got the chance to speak with QTCinderella about her show, which she says has some major benefits for broadcasters big and small.

“It’s way more than just an award show,” QT explained. “It’s the collaborations that it sparks, it’s the relationships that it sparks. It’s squashing the beef. I think in North America, we have a really hard time with not interacting. At a normal 9-5 job, you can hate Susan from accounting, but chances are you’re still gonna gossip about your weekend [together]. You’re still gonna be talking over the water cooler.”

QTCinderella streamer awards new category
QTCinderella is the mind behind The Streamer Awards, an awards ceremony that recognizes the best and brightest in online entertainment.

“Unfortunately, in this industry, everyone’s so isolated that it leads to a lot of toxicity. Yes, you can misinterpret someone’s sentence or somebody’s joke because you don’t know them as a person. But it’s events like this that actually allow people to have conversations in-person and get rid of that illusion of what you might think of somebody.”

QTCinderella reveals what Asmongold said to her after winning MMORPG streamer award

On top of bringing streamers together, QT says the Awards also shine a much-deserved light on hard-working content creators. In fact, she claimed that Asmongold — a major Twitch star with over 3 million followers — had never received an award prior to last year’s Streamer Awards.

His heartfelt response to being recognized sticks with QT to this day, and is one of the key reasons she started up The Streamer Awards in the first place.

“I quote this a lot, but last year, Asmongold won Best MMORPG streamer, and one of the things he said to me was, ‘I’ve never won an award.’ And he’s been streaming for years!” QT exclaimed. “You know, streaming — you think about your entire life, especially as a gamer. You’re someone who is isolated, overlooked. It’s time to clap these people on the back.”

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh, these are big streamers and their audience celebrates them.’ No. Having your peers recognize you is so important. It’s an important thing in life to be recognized. …it’s so much more than a stupid frog trophy. It’s so much more than that.”

Fulfilling a childhood dream

Despite the Awards’ overwhelming success, QT still can’t believe the positive reception to her streamer-focused ceremony and other live events.

She’s been open about her struggles making friends as a child, having been bullied for coming from a religious family that struggled with money — but says these events help show her just how far she’s come since then.

“I grew up pretty bullied,” she revealed. “I didn’t have a large group of friends. I would throw birthday parties and no one would show up. I lived 45 minutes away from my school. I lived in a poorer part of town but I drove to school everyday, because it was a nicer school and my mom wanted me to have a nicer education, but when I’d have a birthday party, no one wanted to go to the poor girl’s house.

“Doing these events now and people actually showing up feels really surreal, still. I haven’t convinced that 15-year-old inside of me that maybe people like you.”

Fans can tune into the Streamer Awards on Saturday, March 11 on QT’s official Twitch channel.