QTCinderella reveals how much money it cost to run Shitcamp 2022

QTCinderella sitting in chair on TMG podcastYouTube: TMG Studios

Popular Twitch streamer QTCinderella has revealed the extremely high amount of money that was spent on Shitcamp 2022.

Over the last couple of years, QTCinderella has gained mass popularity in the streaming industry thanks to the high-quality events she has organized.

Some of her events include The Streamer Awards, a Beyblade Tournament, and most recently — Shitcamp 2022.

During an interview with Cody Ko and Noel Miller, QT gave fans a tease of how much it costs to put together these high-production events — and the insane amount of money that was spent on this years Shitcamp.

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QTCinderella reveals how much money was spent on Shitcamp 2022

For this years event, each of the streamers at Shitcamp are able to stay in their own cabins as QT rented an entire campground that comes fitted with lakes, ziplines, and more things that the group can do.

During the September 7 episode of the TMG Podcast, Cody Ko asked the Twitch star if she could reveal how much it cost to put together this years Shitcamp.

“The camp itsself cost about $170,000 [to rent for the event],” QT explained. “I like to be as transparent as possible about it. This is way better than last years.”

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(Topic starts at 14:34 in the video)

Luckily for QTCinderella, however, it appears that her hard work with past events have begun to pay off after paying for past events out of her own pocket.

She explained that a sponsor saw the hype around Shitcamp 2021, and offered to pay for the entire event this year — allowing her to provide a higher quality experience to everyone involved.

QT hasn’t hinted at another event coming after Shitcamp quite yet, but we do know that she intends on continuing The Streamer Awards for 2022.

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