Twitch & YouTube stars rejoice as QTCinderella announces return of The Streamer Awards

QTCinderella leaving TSM header imageInstagram: QTCinderella

QTCinderella has officially confirmed the return of her highly-lauded event, The Streamer Awards — and content creators are already jumping for joy.

Last year, popular Twitch streamer QTCinderella organized the first-ever independent streamer awards show that celebrated the best and brightest of online broadcasters from Twitch to YouTube and beyond.

The Awards went off without a hitch and received an outpouring of praise and support from other streamers and their fans, with many viewers hoping the event would become a staple in coming years.

It seems as though that wish has come to pass, as QT has just revealed that the Awards are back on for 2023 in a Twitter video on January 19.

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QTCinderella confirms Streamer Awards are coming back in 2023

This year, the Streamer Awards will see a bit of a change, as fans can now vote for what categories they want to present awards for.

That’s not all; fans will also be able to attend the Awards in-person, marking a big shift from last year’s private, streamers-only affair.

How to attend The Streamer Awards

Tickets will be available for pre-sale for Twitch Partners starting January 19, 2022, at 4 PM PST.

Remaining tickets will go on sale on January 21, 2022, at 12 PM PST.

When are The Streamer Awards?

Although not much information about the Awards has yet been shared, QT’s announcement video confirmed that they will be taking place on March 11, 2023, the same month as last year’s awards.

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Thus far, the announcement has already garnered a ton of hype, with other influencers already expressing excitement for another jam-packed event.

2023 Streamer Awards Categories

Nominations are now open for The Streamer Awards, with users free to suggest their favorite broadcasters for a total of 26 different categories.

The categories for the 2023 Streamer Awards are as follows:

  • Best Battle Royale Streamer
  • Best MMORPG Streamer
  • Best Valorant Streamer
  • Best League of Legends Streamer
  • Best Soulslike Streamer
  • Best Roleplay Streamer
  • Best FPS Streamer
  • Best Strategy Game Streamer
  • Best VTuber
  • Best Chess Streamer
  • Best Music Streamer
  • Best Minecraft Streamer
  • Best Art Streamer
  • Best Speedrun Streamer
  • Best IRL Streamer
  • Hidden Gem Award
  • Best Philanthropic Stream Event
  • Stream Game of the Year
  • Best Variety Streamer
  • Best Just Chatting Streamer
  • Best Streamed Event
  • Best Content Organization
  • Rising Star Award
  • League of Their Own
  • Gamer of the Year
  • Streamer of the Year

Top influencers react to Streamer Awards coming back in 2023

Names like Daily Dose of Internet, BrookeAB, Smash pro HungryBox, and of course, Ludwig, all chimed in on the big reveal.

QT has become recognized in the space for her dedication to organizing live events for streamers, having also put together the highly-successful “shitcamp” of 2022.

Who knows — maybe that event will also make a comeback in the coming months. For now, fans will have to watch and wait as more info becomes available.

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