The Streamer Awards blasted for ruining Maximilian_DOOD’s award presentation

Shane Black
Maximilian_DOOD at The Streamer Awards 2024

The Streamer Awards have come under fire after an extensive list of audio issues throughout the show.

Despite being relatively popular among fans and viewers, the Streamer Awards have had its fair share of issues leading up to this year’s event that was held on February 17th, 2024.

The show went on and the winners were revealed, though not everything was as perfectly as most audience members would have wanted.

A decent amount of audio issues plagued the show at various moments, and now the entire production is facing heavy criticism from its audience base.

The Streamer Awards are facing heavy criticism for production issues

An example of the issues that The Streamer Awards is being criticized for can be found on the LiveStream Fails subreddit, where they showed a clip of Maximilian_DOOD receiving an award during which the audio mixing was messed up.

The segment was meant to be an honoring of Maximilian_DOOD’s work, but the audio is borderline incoherent at times, making the entire situation awkward for both those in-person and anyone watching online.

Many fans are directing their anger towards Offbrand, the production company owned by Ludwig and who ran the production for the event.

“What’s the opposite of an advertisement? Because that’s what this was for offbrand.”

There was another segment in the show where QTCInderella, the show’s host, missed an important moment and so asked for the video to rewind so the audience could better see it.

However, the team told her that the video could not go back, which has also drawn its share of criticism from the audience:

“How does that work that some professional is at a computer that has the capability to play video files, but they can’t jump back a minute? This is the sort of thing that you used to hear happening when an old production company was still operating off of film. It makes no sense to me.”

The Streamer Awards fans, however, are making sure to give respect to Maximilian_DOOD, despite the issues that affected his moment.

“Still so happy he won. Easily my favorite streamer of all time, and he’s done so much for fighting games. Such a good dude.”

It’s good to see that the Streamer Awards issues haven’t stopped the fans from being able to pay homage to the people being honored.