Exclusive: QTCinderella reveals surprise new category for The Streamer Awards

QTCinderella streamer awards new categoryQTCinderella

QTCinderella dished on a brand-new category she’s implementing for the 2023 Streamer Awards in an exclusive interview with Dexerto.

The Streamer Awards is among the first awards ceremonies of its kind, celebrating the best and brightest online entertainers and content creators across multiple platforms.

First broadcast in 2022, The Streamer Awards is the brainchild of Twitch star QTCinderella, who is highly lauded for the other live events that she’s organized for streamers in the past (such as the widely acclaimed ‘Shitcamp’ summer camp).

Last year, the Awards saw a slew of top-tier talent gather together under one roof to honor each other’s achievements and possibly receive a Golden Pepe via community and panel votes — but this year, things are a little bit different.

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QT reveals ‘Streamer’s Streamer Award’ for 2023 show

We sat down with QTCinderella ahead of the Streamer Awards to get her perspective on creating such a major event when she revealed that a brand-new Award will be implemented for the 2023 ceremony.

According to QT, nominated streamers attending the event will be presented with a ballot to vote for their favorite streamer of the year in the first-ever Streamer’s Streamer Award.

Ballots will be collected near the end of the ceremony to award the content creator that other streamers have liked the most over the last year — and we won’t find out until the end of the show.

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“Kind of a fun surprise this year is we’re doing a ‘Streamer’s Streamer Award,'” she revealed. “It’s kind of like a Player’s Choice Award. When everyone arrives to the show… my agency is going to pass out ballots, and they’re going to vote for what streamer they love watching.”

“That vote will be calculated that night,” she explained. “We’ll see when we get it, I have no clue. They might be whispering it to me ten seconds before. The person might not be attending. It doesn’t matter. It’s about highlighting who streamers love to watch.”

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Fans can tune into The Streamer Awards on Saturday, March 11 on QT’s official Twitch channel.