PRIME Hydration fans beg KSI and Logan Paul for help as Tracker app faces deletion

Virginia Glaze
Fans beg KSI and Logan Paul for help over PRIME Tracker app deletion

Fans of KSI and Logan Paul are reaching out to the YouTubers for help as an app tracking PRIME Hydration stock faces possible deletion due to problems with PRIME’s parent company.

Earlier this year, YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI officially squashed their infamous beef to create their very own sports beverage, PRIME Hydration.

The drink is available in most major retailers throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, although some areas find it more difficult to purchase PRIME than others.

That’s where the PRIME Hydration tracker app comes into play. The app, created by fans of Paul and KSI, actively tracks 2,204 stores in the UK where PRIME is currently available so consumers don’t have to worry about wasting time going from place to place and taking their chances, just to be met with empty shelves.

The app was met with great acclaim among the YouTube fanbase, with KSI even praising it during a live Discord Q & A session… but its future may be in jeopardy.

On August 16, the app’s developer, Tom Bastable, penned an open letter to the community where he revealed that PRIME’s parent company, Congo Brands, asked him to take the tracker down.

Bastable claimed he was “heartbroken” over the situation and said that he’s asked Congo Brands if they’re willing to work with them to make changes to the tracker, rather than a full takedown.

“I think when you consider that our work on PRIME Tracker hasn’t been taking money away from PRIME, but actually putting money in their pocket — it does make it a slightly bitter pill to swallow, but I’ll do whatever they ask,” he wrote. “I’m a fan at the end of the day.”

Other fans are now speaking out on social media, tagging both KSI and Logan Paul in hopes that the superstar influencers will come to the app’s aid.

“Isn’t there anything you guys can do to help the app grow instead of your team(s) trying to take it down?” one user asked. “This app has been amazing, if it wasn’t for the app [I would never have gotten to] try any PRIME.”

“Anything any of you can do to solve this? The app is a life saver,” another said.

For now, the future of PRIME Tracker is uncertain — but the fans are doing everything in their power to save the app from being taken down following PRIME’s bombastic launch in the UK.

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