MTG The One Ring has been pulled and graded

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MTG One Ring gradedPSA

One lucky player has found The One Ring card and has already had it graded by PSA. The One Ring is MTG’s first major serialized chase card.

Magic: The Gathering’s latest set based around The Lord of the Rings has a unique one-of-one card based on The One Ring. While the card is exactly the same fundamentally as the card featured in the set, this has caused a fervor around the game like never seen before.

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Now, it has been found.

A local game store, Maximum Cards, told Dexerto that it was one of their customers:

“It was pulled by one of our customers, but it was not pulled in our store.”

Maximum Cards said that the player had to acquire “legal representation” and it had just finished the grading process today:

“It was taken, he acquired legal representation who then had it taken down to PSA and had to grade it in person.

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“It has just finished the grading process.”

Maximum Cards is now requesting any interested parties, should contact them directly.

Prior to this, chase cards, which were often seen as highly playable in the game, would fetch a lot of money on the secondary market. Fetchlands, which you’d sacrifice to go find any basic land that fits the card’s rules, would gain you a major advantage in games.

Outside of this, MTG’s Black Lotus has seen sellers earning well over $500, 000 on auctions and became known as one of the rarest, most powerful cards in all of MTG. Aside from this, the Power Nine (which includes Black Lotus) are often the most expensive cards in the game.

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Now, after a series of upping the ante, collectors now know that MTG’s The One Ring is now out of the wild and in safekeeping. While the player still remains anonymous, it has fetched a prestigious Nine rating from the PSA and is encased in plastic.

The card has drawn such attention, that streamers like xQc and Mizkif have spent hundreds of thousands on packs to find it. Meanwhile, collectors like Dan Bock originally offered to pay $100K, or a trip to a volcano to throw it into. This was quickly demolished and the current asking price sits at $2 million.

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Famous players that want the card also include Post Malone, who is known to love the game so much, that he has recently had his own limited-themed cards.

It’s not yet known if the card will be sold off, but as there’s a lofty price on it, it could happen in private.

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