UPDATE: Popular YouTuber Markiplier may have saved PewDiePie at the last second

Markiplier, PewDiePie - YouTube

Popular YouTuber Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach has weighed in on the war against Bollywood label T-Series, which is currently competing with Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg to become the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

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Markiplier went live in a broadcast on December 2, appropriately titling his stream, ‘I Literally Won’t Shut Up Until You Subscribe To PewDiePie.’

During his 48-minute-long spiel, Mark advocated for his followers to subscribe to the YouTube king – who was just barely pulling ahead of T-Series by 100,000 subscribers prior to his upload.

Many YouTubers across the space were anticipating Pewd’s inevitable defeat, with the likes of Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem providing regular updates of T-Series’ slow climb to the top.

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However, after Mark’s stream went live, PewDiePie’s channel saw a massive increase in followers, rising to a count of over 73,268,000 – as opposed to his previous count of 73,127,000 subs.

This moment marks a rather humorous shift in Mark’s support for PewDiePie, who had bemoaned both he and Jacksepticeye’s alleged lack of solidarity during his struggle to keep his top spot.

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This isn’t the first time PewDiePie has bounced back from a seemingly inevitable demise at the hands of T-Series, either; YouTuber MrBeast was able to bring a huge surplus of subscribers to PewDiePie after creating a massive advertising campaign throughout his entire city, allegedly buying every billboard in the area in an effort to boost awareness of the Swede’s channel.

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Mark has pulled through in a time of dire need, sending Pewd’s channel soaring above his competitor – for now.

UPDATE: PewDiePie has since thanked Markiplier in a video on December 3, revealing that his channel had received over 500,00 subscribers thanks to Mark’s efforts. He shouted out Jacksepticeye, as well, who had Tweeted out support for Pewds in the thick of battle on December 2.

While Pewds called the fight with T-Series “too fun,” he was likewise humbled by the experience, and made sure to credit other fans who gave him their support in a myriad of creative ways.