Jake Paul admits plan to salvage relationship with Erika Costell

Shane Dawson, YouTube / Erika Costell, Instagram

Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul has given further details about his relationship with ex-girlfriend and model Erika Costell in the second episode of his ‘Jake Paul Uncut’ documentary series.

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During the episode, Paul admitted to making attempts to fix he and Costell’s romantic troubles prior to their split – despite the fact that things were quickly going downhill.

According to Jake, he and Costell had arranged a road trip, in the hopes that spending a few hours stuck in a car together would help mend their broken connection.

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However, Paul admitted that the two returned home just four hours later, claiming that they “couldn’t handle” being in such close proximity to each other.

“We came up with this idea to go on a road trip, just to see if we could figure things out,” Paul stated. “…we were kind of like, just in shock, in general.”

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Paul likewise admitted that he and Costell’s issues had begun during their vlogged trip to Greece, and went into a dramatic “downward spiral” shortly thereafter.

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Jake even revealed that his role models for healthy relationships were also sparse, claiming that nearly everyone in his immediate family had been divorced – including his own parents.

Paul announced his official split with Costell in a Tweet on November 7, with sources later revealing that he was already looking for another, serious relationship. 

However, a Tweet posted by Paul on December 1 could have hinted that he isn’t truly over his breakup, after all.

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