Mr Beast’s citywide ad campaign is actually helping PewDiePie keep his top spot on YouTube

Virginia Glaze

YouTube’s king of big-budget videos is advocating for the platform’s king of subscribers in a major way – and it seems to be working!

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MrBeast bought every billboard in his city to advocate for YouTube’s most-subscribed creator, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, who is quickly being overtaken by Bollywood music label T-Series.

MrBeast went on an advertising tirade to prevent PewDiePie’s defeat by the corporation, purchasing billboards, wrapping a truck, and even making an appearance on local radio stations in an effort to keep the King of YouTube on top of the heap.

“I just wanted to tell you guys to go subscribe to PewDiePie,” MrBeast implored on one station. “I want him to remain the number one most subscribed to YouTuber. I would just be ashamed if he got passed.”

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MrBeast also placed advertisements on televisions in his local airport, and even spread his message to fellow drivers on the road, leaning out of his car window to ask another driver if she had subscribed to PewDiePie.

Ever since his video covering the campaign released on October 26, PewDiePie has seen a major influx of subscribers in a last-minute effort to defend the king of YouTube from his corporate enemy. 

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In fact, PewDiePie gained a massive 36,000 subs in just the first hour after the video was uploaded.

While T-Series was projected to overtake PewDiePie by early 2019, it looks as if the label might overtake him three months ahead of schedule – but both the BeastGang and the Bro army aren’t backing down any time soon.

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