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Popular Fortnite streamer CouRage hits what could be the biggest milestone of his career

Published: 17/Jan/2019 1:20 Updated: 17/Jan/2019 1:24

by Albert Petrosyan


Success keeps growing for streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop as he’s now hit what could be the biggest achievement of his content creation career.

The popular Twitch personality announced on Twitter that he has officially hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube, putting him past the coveted mark that not many entertainers on the platform have reached.

“One million YouTuber subscribers!” he tweeted. “Thank you for helping me reach another incredible milestone. I love you all.”

This amazing accomplishment has been the byproduct of consistent dedication that he and his editor have shown in regards to daily uploads of quality content.

“Not a single upload missed since going full time,” he added. “Hard work pays off.” He wrapped it up with a motivational slogan that has become his signature since becoming a full time streamer: “Don’t take part. Take over.” 

CouRage is not a YouTuber in the traditional sense of the word since he does not make content that is specifically for uploading to the platform. 

Instead, he edits and cuts the VODs of his Twitch streams and uses that as the content for uploading to YouTube, a common practice among full-time streamers.

His great sense of humor, strong ability to entertain, and top level of skill in Fortnite, has allowed him to not only find great success on Twitch, but to also translate that from one platform to the other. 

Despite this incredible milestone, CouRage will not rest on his laurels and will instead look to expand upon this explosive success he has achieved since turning to content creation full time

A former caster for the Call of Duty World League, CouRage decided to part ways with his stable career and explore the mile high potentials of streaming on Twitch, which has certainly paid off for him immensely.

With 1 million subs on YouTube, 1.3 million followers, and almost 20,000 subs on Twitch forever cemented into his legacy, Uncle Jack is a prime example of what someone can accomplish when they simply bet on themselves. 


Charly Jordan slams gossipers for pregnancy rumors with Tayler Holder

Published: 22/Oct/2020 20:42 Updated: 22/Oct/2020 20:49

by Virginia Glaze


Model, DJ, and internet star Charly Jordan recently confirmed her romance with TikToker Tayler Holder — but that isn’t stopping fans from spreading rumors to the contrary, leading Jordan to hit back at the speculation in a pointed Instagram story.

Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder officially revealed their relationship to the world in a spicy Instagram post on October 13, not too long after Holder and Instagram model Sommer Ray appeared to part ways.

Although there is clearly some bad blood between Sommer and Charly — with Sommer throwing some not-so-subtle shade toward her ex-bestie during a paparazzi interview — it’s quite clear that Charly and Tayler are currently an item. Of course, that isn’t stopping fans from spreading rumors and discussing her past flings.

Charly hit back at these fans in a series of pointed Instagram Stories on October 22, calling out commenters for discussing completely illegitimate claims about her love life and other relationship drama.

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Woah there cowboy 😉🖤

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“I feel like a crazy person sometimes, when I’m looking through comments and it’s all relationship drama comments,” she began. “And it’s all these people talking about and commenting stuff that is completely inaccurate and having full conversations about it.”

“Y’all are just wasting your day, everyone else’s day!” she continued. “Let’s talk about something that matters, you know? Or, if people just did like, any research… like, I love you guys so much, for real. …but the internet, in general, the shit people comment, I’m just like, we are smarter than this!”

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#charlyjordan talks about people commenting about past relationships, etc😬

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That’s not all; Jordan even debunked speculation from paparazzi that she is expecting a baby, completely shutting down the rumors by poking fun at such wild claims about her personal life.

“Not only did they spell both of our names wrong, which we’re not even going to talk about, but apparently, I’m expecting a baby and didn’t even know it!”

While it seems that rumors come with the package of celebrity status, it’s clear that Charly isn’t having any of it, and is trying to stay out of the drama as best she can while fighting back at gossip culture, as a whole.