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Pokimane stuns Aria Saki with over 1,000 gifted Twitch subs

Published: 17/Oct/2021 1:28 Updated: 17/Oct/2021 1:29

by Bill Cooney


Pokimane has started to share her massive stockpile of Twitch gifted subs starting with fellow Twitch streamer Aria Saki.

As we reported earlier in October 2021, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has so many gifted subs on Twitch that it’s actually starting to give her PC problems.

The Twitch star is starting to make a dent in that pile though, starting with a gift of 1,000 subs to fellow streamer AriaSaki.


I can’t believe @ariasaki actually did it 😳 #twitchstreamer #twitchclips

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At first, Pokimane started off with a slow drip in Aria’s stream by only giving about 50 subs at a time. She quickly upped it to 100 gifted until she rapidly approach four digits.


“Poki oh my goodness, thank you, I love you,” Saki said when the subs started.

Once the gifted Twitch subs started to flood in, Aria even questioned whether or not she was in her right mind.

“Poki, this is not OK, girl, what the heck? She’s not stopping!” Aria said.

“Poki, what are you doing, you’re drunk! Go home!” Saki told her friend. It was getting hectic after the 400-sub mark but Poki wasn’t going anywhere until she hit 1K.

After Poki had donated her thousand, the total gifted subs for the stream was over 1,200. The OfflineTV-affiliated streamer decided to pay tribute to her surprise benefactor.


How? By writing “Pokimane” on her chest, of course. It was definitely a small price to pay for Aria considering the massive haul Poki brought to her channel.