Pokimane has so many gifted Twitch subs that its giving her PC problems

Pokimane is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world, but with that popularity comes some minor issues, as she revealed she can’t even use emotes on the Twitch without lagging.

It’s not uncommon for smaller streamers to be gifted subs by generous viewers, but when there’s no one else left to gift, the donators turn to the popular streamers and gift a sub to them.

Each streamer has the option to upload their own emotes, which viewers get access to when they’re subscribed to their channel. With 8.3M followers, Pokimane is an obvious choice for viewers to gift to when there’s no one else.

Though it can be a problem being gifted too many as Pokimane revealed that she can’t even open certain parts of Twitch without suffering lag.

Twitch: Pokimane
Pokimane is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, garnering over 8.3M followers.

Like the other popular streamers, Pokimane is gifted hundreds of subs per month to people she’s never even heard of, and each of those subs comes with its own emotes.

During a stream on October 2, Pokimane was asked by a donator if she gets annoyed by the random gifts. It was then she opened her emote picker, and revealed that she can’t even use it without lagging.

“I think it’s so cute, it’s lagging just by me clicking it. So I will just type a random word like love, it’s lagging just by me typing it, and it shows all the gifted subs that have love emotes, is this not insane?” she said, before showing that the lag also hits when she scrolls through her subscription page.

Although not being able to open the emote picker could be a minor disturbance, Pokimane doesn’t mind it. She even said she’s honored to receive all the subs.

Fortunately though, if it gets out of control, there’s an option for to Twitch block gifted subscriptions for channels she doesn’t follow.