Pokimane shocks Twitch fans after buying ‘very questionable’ skateboard: “I just love it”

Andrew Amos
Pokimane new skateboard with questionable art revealed Twitch stream

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys enjoyed her time away in Seattle, but when she came back to Twitch streaming in LA, she shocked her fans with her new skateboard. The streamer called the art “dope”, while viewers couldn’t help but draw…questionable comparisons.

Streamers, especially the biggest ones on Twitch, get bundles of swag from their fans. Some gifts are great, others are horrifying and dangerous, but very few actually show off things they bought for themselves.

Sure, it might get a fleeting mention on Twitter, or rest forever in the background of a streamer’s camera. Pokimane, though, really wanted to show fans her “dope” new skateboard, after getting back from Seattle.

“I want to show you guys some things that I got from Seattle but they didn’t come in until now. This is number one, isn’t it cool. It’s like a skateboard, but not an actual skateboard ⁠— it’s just the board, it doesn’t have any wheels,” she described it.

Now, just like that, it doesn’t sound too ominous. But Twitch chat was all too quick to point out exactly what was painted on the bottom. The art features, as Pokimane described it: “A cute anime girl choking on a tentacle.”

While the design was certainly intricate, viewers with their dirty minds couldn’t help but draw some questionable conclusions about the origins of the art.

“I just thought it was dope. It looks so cool. Look at her eyelashes bro, and she’s crying. This is a tentacle right? It better be, if you know what I’m saying.”

Pokimane new anime skateboard questionable
Pokimane’s new skateboard features amazing art, but it raised a few eyebrows in Twitch chat.

Even Pokimane’s cat, Mimi, got in on the action, jumping up on the streamer’s desk to investigate the new deck. Pokimane herself is happy with the investment. She just “wants to stare at it all day,” which is fair given the quality of the art.

Whether she chooses to mount it on her wall or maybe fix a set of wheels on it and gets riding remains to be seen though. However, you wouldn’t want to grind the art away too soon ⁠— or in the wrong places.