Pokimane responds to Twitch fan’s question about her sexuality

Pokimane fans left worried after Twitch star admits she's ready to "give up"Twitter: Pokimane

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys returned to Twitch after an extended break, and her streams are already immensely popular. Now, the streamer has addressed her sexuality, in a more personal moment during a stream. 

Since returning from her extended Twitch break, streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has risen up to become one of the most followed streamers. Hanging out with the likes of xQc and catching the attention of PewDiePie, Pokimane has been seen all over Twitch in various streams.

Now, in a moment of downtime with her fans, the streamer decided to share a more personal part of her life in the public eye.

Pokimane explains how "legit" female Twitch streamers have helped the industryTwitter: Pokimane
The streamer’s popularity has grown considerably since her Twitch return.

Pokimane addresses her sexuality to her fans

During a VALORANT stream, the streamer was vibing to some tunes and spending some quality time with her avid fanbase. One fan decided to ask Pokimane a personal question, positing “that’s fine” if the streamer didn’t feel comfortable elaborating on her sexuality. However, the streamer kindly obliged to answer her fan: “I have a maybe weird answer for this and I hope it’s not offensive to anyone.”

“It’s like, yeah my whole life I’ve felt straight, but also I feel like sexuality is on a spectrum and who knows how people feel at one point of their lives and another,” the streamer began to explain. She continued: “who cares if I’m straight, bi, or lesbian. Like, it doesn’t matter, so I don’t ever care to talk about it.”

Pokimane also says she “doesn’t correct” people either when it comes to her preferences, as “it shouldn’t make a difference in what they think of me as a person.”