Pokimane explains her theory on how Alinity keeps avoiding Twitch bans

Joe Craven

Popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has shared her theory on how Alinity Divine is able to avoid Twitch bans so consistently, despite being caught up in a number of controversies. 

Alinity Divine was recently the subject of a significant controversy, sparked by her apparent animal abuse – when she was seen to throw her cat over her head while streaming Apex Legends. This was paired with an older clip of Alinity spitting vodka into another of her cat’s mouth, and some called for her to receive a ban from the streaming platform. 

Alinity was thrown back into the spotlight, after some accused her of using a racial slur while livestreaming. The streamer has defended herself and claims to have merely stumbled over her words.

Twitter: @AlinityTwitchAlinity’s apology came shortly after some viewers mistook her language for a racial slur.

On August 10, while appearing on RajjPatel’s Podcast Royale, Pokimane offered some of her thoughts as to how Alinity is able to avoid a ban, despite apparent infringements of Twitch guidelines. 

“I think that, for example Alinity, when she sees that she’s done an oopsie or that people think she’s done an oopsie,” said the 23 year old, “she immediately messages her account manager and says ‘no this is what happened blah blah blah’”. 

She then goes on to compare Alinity’s behaviour with TFBlade, a streamer who was mistakenly banned by Twitch for using a racial slur – when he actually used the word “idiots”. 

Poki continued this theory, stating that: “My point is just, when you do talk to your account manager, I imagine that has influence on whether or not you get banned. It doesn’t determine whether or not [you get banned].” 

“But situations like this,” finished Poki. “Alinity probably knows when people are reporting her. Her mods I’m sure tell her. And perhaps she goes out of her way to defend herself or present some sort of case to the account manager, which has an influence on whether she gets banned.” 

Essentially what Pokimane is saying is that Alinity is quick to perform damage control procedures, and ensure her side of the argument is heard before any decision is made.

While Pokimane is obviously speculating, it fits in with wider community confusion as to how Alinity is able to so frequently escape bans. 

Alinity, on the other hand, is never afraid to defend herself, and clearly believes she has not done anything worth of incurring a ban from Twitch. 

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