xQc slams Twitch partners who troll fellow streamers

The ever-bright Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel slammed fellow Twitch partners for trolling other streamers instead of focusing on their own work.

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Twitch streamers often like to collaborate, and drop in to other streams to give support, or mess around. Friendly rivalries are commonplace, with some of the top streamers often antagonizing the other in good fun. 

However, in an epic rant xQc took aim at some of his fellow streamers, who perhaps spend a little too much time talking trash, and not enough time focusing on their own work. 

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xQc has something on his mind

During a stream on August 10th, the Overwatch pro was playing Tekken 7 when he opened up to his audience about something that had been weighing on his mind.

“You want to know what interests me the most?” the Canadian asked. “Sometimes, I watch streams off stream, not that often, but it happens sometimes right? You get to say hi to your old friends.”

Twitch: xQcxQc went on an epic rant about Twitch partners.
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The Canadian streamer took issue with fellow Twitch partners who spend a lot of their time giving other streamers a hard time, rather than running their own broadcasts.

“I am always astounded by the amount of Twitch partners, not affiliates, but Twitch partners right. That just go in everybody’s chats, and all they do is just spam dogshit and insults or whatever to all the other partners all the time.”

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xQc unloaded on his peers

After building up to the rant, the Canadian streamer finally got it off his chest: “It’s like dude, don’t you fucking have a stream to provide, don’t you have something to do with your time? 

“Like why are you here talking shit dude. Work on your own dead fucking dog shit, you fucking retard. Holy shit!”

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While it’s unclear if a specific incident set him off, xQc is not one to shy away from speaking his mind so the colorful rant isn’t exactly out of the norm.