Pokimane reacts to streamer’s awkward recreation of her Fortnite dance

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star Imane “Pokimane” Anys revealed her very own Fortnite emote in January as part of the game’s “Icon” series — and it doesn’t look like the dance emote is staying inside the game.

The streamer’s unique emote kicked off an accompanying TikTok contest, which gives players the chance to have their very own dances become part of the game too.

Considering Pokimane’s popularity among Fortnite players, it comes as little surprise that her emote went viral, prompting a few hilarious interactions with the broadcaster in-game.

In fact, Anys uploaded a YouTube video on January 23 that revealed the exact scope of the dance’s popularity, being amazed at how often she encountered it while playing.

One fan even built a heart after noticing Pokimane was in their game and performed the emote on a small platform, much to her surprise.

However, it was a fellow streamer who ended up sending her into stitches, after the two linked up in a Duo fill.

Twitch star “Pokimane” has her very own Fortnite emote, which has spawned a number of hilarious recreations.

Fortnite player and broadcaster “Jack_HippoTV” claimed that he was trying to recreate the dance with little success, and asked Pokimane for help in pulling off the moves during their game.

This prompted Poki to wonder if he was performing the emote on his channel, which she quickly looked up for proof.

Rather than standing up from his chair, Jack Hippo instead decided to stay seated, merely throwing up a few rhythmic peace signs while giving a knowing look to the camera.

(Timestamp: 8:15 for mobile viewers)

“Better than nothing!” Anys laughed.

“Was that good?” Hippo asked.

“Yeah, that was pretty good!”

Jack_Hippo isn’t the only streamer recreating Poki’s viral dance emote, either: popular streamer Greekgodx likewise tried to pull off the choreography, which drew hysterical laughter from its creator for his efforts.

Even Twitch commentator Hasan Piker tried his hand at the TikTok dance, begging the question: how many streamers will end up recreating Pokimane’s “positively enthusiastic” Fortnite moves?

Any’s emote follows the release of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ very own skin for the battle royale, also part of the “Icon” series — which could see collaboration with more content creators in the future.

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