Fortnite players convinced viral silent TikTok teasing long-awaited emote

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Fortnite Season OG players are presently deciphering a silent TikTok that has gone viral and teases the rumored arrival of a long-awaited emote. Although the video features a plethora of OG content, the following are the opinions of fans.

Fortnite emotes have unquestionably influenced the culture of video games to become enjoyable. Real-world trends, viral videos, and well-known references frequently serve as inspiration for the dances and other actions featured in the game.

Youthful generations are introduced to dance styles that originated outside the realm of video games through these well-known moves. Prominent emotes, including “Take the L,” “Orange Justice,” and “Floss,” have acquired an almost exclusive association with Fortnite.

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In a similar manner, “Chug Jug With You,” a popular Fortnite song composed by fans named Leviathan and CM Skits, has been one of the most well-known OG trends that followers frequently adapt into viral videos. Regular TikTok videos featuring Fortnite Season OG serve as a melancholy homage to the inception of the game.

Players now have been convinced, to a certain extent, that the latest video released by the official Fortnite TikTok account is a tease for the inclusion of the Chug Jug With You song, either as a lobby track or emote.

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Fortnite players hyped for rumored Chug Jug With You emote tease in viral TikTok

A video with the captions “Someone throw a nice track over this!” and “If only we had a good song for this video, any suggestions?” was recently published on the official Fortnite TikTok and Fortnite ANZ X accounts, respectively.

A duo consumes a Chug Jug together to begin the video, followed by a Victory Royale and dancing on the disco floor. The camera then focuses on the player’s tally of eliminations, which was ten, before focusing away from the player atop Tomato Temple who has just wiped out their opponents at the POI.

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The subsequent sequence of images depicts the player reviving a teammate as they travel south toward Pleasant Park, with the marked location displayed on the map. As per longtime fans who are well-versed in the Chug Jug with You phenomenon, the reference was promptly recognized and the video’s music was appropriately edited by one to correspond.

As a result, a number of fans began to speculate that the tune could be an emote or lobby track that will be available in the game in the near future. One such fan said, “Need it as a music pack or emote right now”.

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Another chimed in, “Fortnite about to get down. Chug chug with u emote coming?”. A third added, “Never in my life would I think Epic would reference f*****g chug jug with you”.

While speculation surrounding the emote is still in the air, players are currently focused on the age-restricted cosmetics in Fortnite Creative and are constantly running an active commentary about it on social media with demands for refunds.

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