Pokimane instantly roasts JiDion’s new hairline after “transplant” stream

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star Pokimane instantly roasted JiDion’s new hairline after he underwent a “hair transplant operation” during a live stream.

Pokimane and JiDion’s unlikely friendship is a gift that keeps on giving. Initially, the two streamers were embroiled in a major feud that took over the internet after JiDion organized a “hate raid” against Pokimane in early 2022.

The issue caused Pokimane to end her live stream in tears and ultimately resulted in JiDion’s permanent ban from Twitch. However, the two influencers were able to make up after having a private conversation, and ultimately squashed their beef in an unexpected mukbang video weeks afterward.

As of now, the two are thick as thieves and pop up in each other’s content from time to time — the most recent example of which happened during JiDion’s live stream on May 4.

Jidion announces surprise collab with Pokimane after hate raid drama
JiDion and Pokimane are thick as thieves.

That day, JiDion promised he’d broadcast himself undergoing a hair transplant operation on Rumble. However, it turns out he was just trolling and instead got an extremely convincing toupee.

He quickly FaceTimed some of his influencer buddies to show off his new look, the very first one being Pokimane.

jidion new hair tweet
JiDion showed off his new hair in a May 4 stream.

Pokimane brutally roasts JiDion’s new hair

After picking up his call, the first words out of Pokimane’s mouth weren’t the compliments he was expecting. Instead, she completely roasted his hairline, saying it looked a little too perfect to be convincing.

“Listen, it looks okay,” she began. “The hairline is off, man. You gotta blend that. You know? Like, the hair is too clean. It’s tilted.”

“That’s the point!” JiDion exclaimed. “It’s supposed to be clean.”

“It looks not real,” Poki continued. “I’m so sorry. I’m too used to Baldion! I’m too used to seeing you bald, bro.”

However, Pokimane changed her tune after they called again, saying she tuned into his stream and that his hair looked better than it did on their FaceTime call.

It’s nice to see these two internet stars remaining friends after the rocky start to their relationship over a year ago — and it’s also fun to see JiDion rocking a whole new look.

He did ask Pokimane to put in a word with Valkyrae, although Poki couldn’t guarantee it would work out. (She did encourage him to slide in her DMs, though… but Valk has claimed that her requirements for a future boyfriend are “incredibly high,” so it’s unclear if he’ll make the cut).