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Pokimane reveals why she needed a bodyguard at TwitchCon

Published: 6/Oct/2019 12:31

by Connor Bennett


League of Legends and Fortnite.

While she is extremely popular, there are plenty of haters and trolls around, that – serious or not – make threats against streamers. With many broadcasters converging on TwitchCon to meet fans, security is of the highest priority, as Pokimane revealed the lengths Twitch went to in order to keep everything safe. 

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Pokimane, InstagramPokimane is the most-followed female Twitch streamer.

The streamer made her return to streaming after a few days of being under the weather on October 5, recanting stories about her experiences at the event and reacting to fan videos. 

However, things took a turn when she fell for a classic donation sound prank that “spooked” her, as Poki dove into the topic of streamer safety and how Twitch investigated threats against people, even if it was on other social media sites. 


“People take that seriously, especially around TwitchCon time – like, they start investigating people that did,” the streamer stated. “They started giving extra protection/bodyguards to people who were getting weird messages. It was really, really, really nice from Twitch’s side, I got to say that. It’s just ah, spooky – and you guys will see my bodyguard in my vlog.”

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Anys even had some kind words for her personal security, who she said “looked like a friend,” but was actually an MMA fighter turned bodyguard. 

“He was super, super nice and chill – it didn’t feel like having a bodyguard around if that makes sense,” she added, before explaining that he had to escort “one dude” out of the event even though she felt ‘kind of bad’ about it. 


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As a donation took her attention, the streamer didn’t give any further insight into why the TwitchCon attendee had to be led away despite questions from members of her chat. 

It remains to be seen if any of it was caught on camera and will make the cut for her upcoming event vlog.