Pokimane hits back at critics claiming people only tune in for “her looks”

Pokimane hits back at donatorPokimane

Pokimane hit back at an anonymous donator who wasted their own time and money to claim people only like her because of her looks and urged them to spend it on something that will make them happy.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the uncrowned queen of the streaming world in many ways. She’s wholesome, her content is entertaining, and she genuinely seems to care about her fans.

Controversy hasn’t escaped her, but she has always apologized or explained the situation in more detail. Still, for whatever reason, she’s the streamer some people love to hate and is often subject to negative comments about herself, her looks, and her success on Twitch.

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It happened again in her latest stream when an anonymous donator said she’s only successful because of her looks. However, she decided to hit back and give them a piece of her mind.

Pokimane hits back at donatorPokimane
Pokimane’s content and dedication to her fanbase are the main reasons for her success.

“People only like you because of your looks,” said the donator. “We don’t know your real personality.” It was a crude comment intended to get a reaction out of Pokimane. She stirred her thoughts for a moment and then responded.

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“You know, it’s quite odd,” she said. “The amount of people who go to the extent of sending me money just to summarize any success I’ve ever had in “your looks.” “It’s weird because I think… anybody can say that… when you’re in a position of entertaining.”

“Of course, looking in a way that is attractive to some… can be a benefit to everyone,” she said. “As can a variety of other things. Being funny. Being hard working. Everybody has positive traits or negative traits or whatever.”

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“But I think objectively, logically, have you not seen a billion girls, especially on Twitch, that look far better than me?” she said. “How can my success be only due to the way that I look when there are many that look far better than me?”

“Furthermore, why are you wasting your damn money trying to tell me this?” she said. “Take your money and spend it on yourself. Go buy yourself some makeup, do this, and have a career or something.”

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“You are not benefiting yourself whatsoever. I don’t even know your user name. I just hear your words. Neither does anybody else in my chat,” she said. “Please take your money, do something that’ll actually make you feel better. That’ll actually make a lasting impact on your life.”

In a perfect world, people wouldn’t go out of their way to make negative comments about others, and they wouldn’t pay money to try and downplay a streamer’s success. But unfortunately, we’re not quite there yet.

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Pokimane deserves to be in the position she’s in because she sacrificed a lot and worked hard to make it happen. 

Not everyone would turn their back on a chemical engineering degree to focus on streaming, but she did, and it paid off. Plus, she’s a talented entertainer, and her content is what keeps most people coming back.

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