Pokimane urges her Twitch viewers to stop giving influencers “free sh*t”

Pokimane Influencer TwitchTwitch: Pokimane

Pokimane, who is one of the most down-to-earth streamers on the internet, became a voice for the people when she urged her Twitch viewers to stop giving “free sh*t” to influencers and other famous people with lots of money.

Influencers are quite controversial in the modern world. In simple terms, they’re people who are involved in social media marketing and endorse products, and include product placements in their content.

Twitch streamers have dipped into that field too, with plenty of broadcasting stars — including Pokimane — sponsored by big-name brands.

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The best of them can even be considered a positive influence, no pun intended. But others can’t stand influencers no matter what, and consider them to be ‘sellouts.’

Either way, we’re not here to judge, and neither is Twitch sensation Pokimane; she doesn’t mind that they’re promoting stuff, she just doesn’t think their loyal fanbases need to gift them anything extra on the side for it either.

Pokimane Influencer TwitchHyperX Gaming
Pokimane weighed in on people donating to influencers in her latest Twitch stream.

In her Oct. 19 stream, she dropped some words of wisdom to her Twitch viewers and urged them to stop giving influencers and other rich people “free sh*t.”

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“Okay, I’m gonna be honest,” she said. “Ya’ll need to stop giving people who got money free sh*t. Like influencers, actors, people you recognize.” It’s a sentiment others have echoed time and time again.

“They got money!” she added with a laugh. “You should say, “Hey, I’m a really big fan!” and ask them to tip you extra. Okay?”

Pokimane wasn’t telling her viewers to not support their favorite influencers.

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However, she is telling them to be careful and think twice before giving them money. Because at the end of the day, she said, many are doing quite well, at least compared to most of their fans and followers.

Not everyone will agree with her on the issue, but her advice does show how much she cares about her fans and viewers. It’s like they’re one big family, at least for the most part, and she’s trying to look out for their best interests.

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