Pokimane has perfect comeback for trolls calling her “ugly” in Twitch chat

Virginia Glaze
YouTube: Pokimane

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys had a hilarious response to trolls calling her “ugly” during a stream reading out unban requests from banned viewers.

Pokimane is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, and one of the site’s most-followed broadcasters, overall.

Boasting over 8.5 million followers on the purple streaming platform, Anys is clearly a popular public figure… but with great renown comes, well, trolls.

Unfortunately, harassment and negative comments are par for the course when you’re an internet superstar. Luckily, Anys is good at taking these comments for what they are — the blabbering of internet trolls.

Pokimane smiling
Pokimane is a major name over on Twitch, and has even started up her very own scholarship as a result of her internet fame.

Pokimane hits back at commenters calling her “ugly”

Pokimane often reads out her unban requests from viewers during certain live streams. These requests usually ask broadcasters to unban them, explaining what led to their ban and sometimes apologizing for the incident that prompted it.

During a recent unban request stream, Pokimane came across several comments that called her “ugly.”

“What’s up with everybody calling me ugly?” the streamer asked before launching into a mockingly “hurt” tirade.

Pokimane gesturing on Twitch stream after being asked about esports orgs.
Twitch: Pokimane
Pokimane is no stranger to the occasional rude comment, and often makes videos poking fun at viewers who were banned from her Twitch chat.

“I mean, just because I don’t look my best everyday doesn’t mean I’m ugly, like that’s not very nice to say!” the streamer joked. “Everybody has insecurities. And not everybody can be to everybody’s taste, so someone’s always gonna think you’re ugly.”

“Just kidding!” Pokimane yelled. “I don’t give a f**k! L, nerd! But actually, I don’t, it’s just annoying to read. Like, what is the point? Also, don’t call someone ugly if your icon is of the Mona Lisa! Because then, I can’t roast you back!”

Pokimane encouraged viewers who roast others’ looks to show off their own faces, noting that many rude commenters don’t ever use their own photos in their profile images.

(Topic begins at 1:05)

It’s clear that Pokimane isn’t phased by these sorts of comments — and she’s more than willing to roast them right back, too.