Pokimane freaks out after xQc eats his toenails on stream

Pokimane loses it after xqc eats his toenails on streamTwitch: xQc, pokimane

Twitch star Pokimane couldn’t believe her eyes after watching fellow streamer xQc literally eat his own toenails during a live broadcast.

Twitch is a haven for content of all sorts. On the purple streaming platform, users will find streamers broadcasting their travels abroad in real time, gamers showing off their latest wins, and even people cooking up a tasty meal in their kitchens.

For Pokimane, though, her Twitch excursion ended in shock after she discovered one of her fellow broadcasters doing something quite unconventional on stream.

xQc is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. Boasting over 11 million followers, he’s gotten quite used to speaking to an audience of tens of thousands of viewers at a time, so it’s safe to say he’s not really embarrassed about doing certain things on stream.

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One of these things is eating his own toenails. The Juicer has actually chewed on his toenails several times on stream — something that Pokimane became aware of during her own broadcast in late December 2022.

Pokimane screams after watching xQc eat his own toenails

To poke fun at him, Pokimane placed his stream on top of her own and looked up at him chewing off one of his big toenails with a concerned look on her face.

“Be f*cking for real, xQc!” Pokimane shouted. However, her criticisms quickly turned to screams as xQc actually swallowed the nail.

Of course, Poki’s fans couldn’t help but troll her due to her reaction, prompting her to explain in graphic detail what just happened.

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“He used his mouth to clip his toenail, and then he ripped the toenail off and ate it!”

This is far from the first time Pokimane has jokingly ‘called out’ xQc for his behaviors; last month, Poki roasted her fellow broadcaster due to the state of his room, asking him if he knew how to do his laundry after he seemingly struggled with his washing machine during a past stream.