Pokimane catches xQc watching her on stream and roasts his dirty room

Pokimane catches xQc watching her stream and roasts his dirty roomTwitch: xQc, Pokimane

Twitch star Pokimane caught fellow broadcaster xQc watching her on his stream and took the opportunity to roast his dirty room in front of thousands of viewers.

On November 30, Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel shocked his fans by cleaning his room during a live broadcast, showing off piles of used takeout containers with food still inside that had accrued over time.

Donning surgical gloves to remove the built-up waste, Lengyel’s streaming room is finally clean thanks to his efforts… but that didn’t stop his viewers from roasting him, with one fan claiming that “bro had the food there for so long the mold started to build civilization.”

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That’s not all — xQc also got some heat for streaming himself doing his laundry, asking fans how much detergent he should use and appearing confused by his washing machine, prompting a Reddit user to say it was his “first time” doing his laundry ever.

It seems that his viewers weren’t the only ones roasting him; in fact, fellow Twitch streamer Pokimane also had a few things to say about the state of his room shortly afterwards.

Pokimane roasts xQc’s dirty room after cleaning stream goes viral

xQc was made aware of her comments thanks to his fans, who asked him to tune into her stream, where she was playing Among Us with friends. Pokimane was quickly alerted to xQc’s presence in her chat and immediately took the chance to lambast him about his room.

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“xQc, I have a really important question for you,” she began. “Did you ever take your laundry out of the wash and put it in the dryer? Because that’s a very important part of the laundry process.”

“Otherwise your clothes are gonna get gross and moldy, and they’re gonna smell really, really bad. So, more important than actually putting it in the wash is putting it in the dryer. Okay? I just need you to know that.”

xQc, for his part, seemed exasperated by Poki’s advice, sighing and saying “I just did that” while she went on her tirade against his cleanliness.

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To be fair, xQc isn’t the only streamer who’s been publicly shamed for the state of his streaming room — fellow influencer Asmongold similarly stunned his fans after cleaning up his office “for the first time in years” over the summer.