Pokimane flees from two men after being harassed in public

Calum Patterson
Pokimane streaming on twitchTwitch: pokimane

Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has issued a warning to her followers to “not be that guy” after a stranger shouted and harassed her while she was alone in a parking lot, causing her to fear for her safety and run away.

As one of the most popular streamers in the world, Pokimane is used to being recognized and approached in public, usually by fans who just want a picture and to say hello.

However, one encounter with strangers on February 10 left her shook up, and even caused her to run away from the two men as their yells became more sinister.

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“I was walking back to my friends (but was alone) in a parking lot when two guys started hollering at me,” Pokimane explained on her Instagram Story. “At first one of them sang ‘happy Valentine’s Day to you,’ I was like ‘uhh you too’.”

However, things took a turn when one of them started to sing “you could be the milk to my cereal with that skirt.”

Finally, one of the men sang loudly, “I wanna see what’s under that skirt… show me what’s under that skirt…”, and the streamer had heard enough, turning into a “track star” and running.

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Pokimane instagram storyInstagram: Pokimane
Pokimane chronicled the incident on her Instagram.

Confirming that she was fine, Pokimane said, “please don’t be that guy. It pissed me off that he thought it was okay/funny to yell those things to me. Likely because I was alone. His friend didn’t say sh*t either.”

She also thanked followers and friends for their messages, and said she just wanted to share because firstly it was “cringe,” but also to “spread some awareness that this happens a lot, please be kind and stay safe and look out for your friends.”

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Pokimane has been making headlines in 2022 already after she was also targeted for harassment on her stream, after now-banned streamer JiDion ‘raided’ her channel. But, the pair have since made up and even hung out.

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