Twitch streamer handcuffed after swatting results in armed police raid

Lawrence Scotti
twitch raid gunTwitch/Alliestrasza

Twitch streamer Alliestrasza was shocked when her home was raided by armed police in a swat attempt that played out during a live broadcast on her channel.

Alliestrasza is a card game YouTuber and streamer on Twitch who rose to prominence in the Hearthstone community.

Allie returned from a trip on February 9 and began streaming for the first time in almost a week in the Just Chatting category, interacting with viewers.

Just an hour into her broadcast, she was interrupted by a knock on the door from armed swat members responding to a distress call.

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Twitch streamer swatted live on stream

She stepped out of the room to see what was going on and didn’t return for quite some time.

Then, eventually popped her head back into the room, where she let her viewership know: “I’m being swatted right now, guys.”

Minutes later, multiple officers can be seen entering her streaming room holding guns, searching around the room.

Alliestrasza signs off Twitch stream

After more delays, Allie finally returned to her desk and said goodbye to her fans before shutting down the broadcast. She was emotional in her sendoff, clearly shaken by the experience.

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The streamer added: “I’m gonna turn the stream off now. The very nice officers are in the house, they’re gonna take a crime report, literally got swatted. I’m okay. But yeah, we’re all handcuffed and everything. Everything’s fine, I’m gonna leave and talk to you guys later.”

Allie followed up with an update on Twitter, assuring viewers that she was fine and that her family was indeed handcuffed during the swatting.

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“Everything is okay, though. Just a little shaken up with nerves. The officers were great and handled everything very well.”


Swatting has long been a problem for streamers, especially ones with larger followings, like xQc, who have dealt with it on multiple occasions.

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