Pokimane explains why people donate to rich Twitch streamers

Pokimane during Twitch streamYouTube: Pokimane

Twitch giant Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has explained why she thinks stream viewers donate so generously to content creators who are already incredibly wealthy. 

There are plenty of ways viewers can support Twitch streamers. Subscriptions offer monthly access to chat privileges and more, but donations – whether in real money or Twitch Bits – remain the simplest way to support content creators.

However, some more cynical viewers question why others are so eager to donate money to wealthy streamers.

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Big streamers – who will already be earning thousands of dollars per month through subscriptions, sponsorships, partnerships, and more – still receive eye-watering amounts of money in donations.

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Twitch has plenty of ways for viewers to support its stars.

Speaking during her August 21 stream, Poki suggested that the main reason for donations is the attention the donor receives from the streamer – usually being called out and thanked by the star.

“Why do people actually donate to Twitch streamers?” she read while scouring Reddit. “Because people don’t go as far to think ‘how much does this person need my money?’ People donate because they want someone’s attention. And if anything, the richer someone becomes the more valuable their attention becomes.

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“We all know why,” she finished. “Because most people don’t – we’re not all spending money logically twenty-four-seven. We do things for other reasons.”

Her comments certainly struck a chord with viewers, many of whom commented their agreement with Poki’s take on the situation.

While the wealthiest Twitch streamers may not ‘need’ the money, a financial contribution still enables viewers to support and thank their favorite streamers. Not to mention, being wealthy does not mean a streamer will not appreciate donations.

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And, as Poki eloquently put it, we don’t always spend money logically. Logan Paul once spent $40,000 on a dinosaur leg, for example.

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