Pokimane reveals one key reason she would join OTK over 100 Thieves

. 8 months ago
Twitch: Pokimane / OTK / 100 Thieves

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is an OfflineTV staple, having helped set up the stream team in 2017. However, if she was to leave, she’d move on to OTK ⁠— the home of Asmongold and Mizkif ⁠— in a heartbeat over an organization like 100 Thieves for one big reason: “fun”.

Pokimane’s career in the streaming space is going from one giant leap to another, announcing on October 27 she is co-founding a talent management and brand consulting firm, RTS.

The firm aims to “fix the gaming and esports industry”, saving creators from “bad brand deals” and help both sides get the most out of partnerships and sponsorships.

She isn’t leaving OfflineTV to start the venture anytime soon.

However, Mizkif couldn’t help himself but ask the question on her announcement stream: If she was to leave the content house, where would she go?

Yvonne Pokimane OfflineTV
Pokimane is a co-founder of popular streaming group OfflineTV, which includes LilyPichu (left), DisguisedToast (center), and Yvonnie (right).

“If you had to leave OfflineTV and join either 100 Thieves or OTK, who would you join,” Mizkif asked.

“OTK,” she said, with a smile. The quick answer shocked Mizkif ⁠— a co-owner of OTK ⁠— a little bit. “Really?” he asked back, to which Pokimane doubled down and said “yes”.

Mizkif couldn’t help but use Poki’s approval to plug his own org: “We have the backing of RTS legend herself Pokimane”. The comment made Pokimane laugh, but there was an actual reason behind the Twitch star’s choice: sponsor agreements.

“You guys are just doing sh*t for fun. 100 Thieves, I’d have to do a sponsor [stream] every other day,” the Twitch superstar explained.

Mizkif took the time to yet again ‘pitch’ OTK, stating: “Little does she know our fun streams are sponsored but that’s okay. That’s how well we integrate them”. It would still be a good fit though; Pokimane knows a thing or two about sponsored content ⁠— it’s a big part of her new firm, after all.

While she isn’t leaving OfflineTV anytime soon, you won’t see her joining some big-name esports brands she’s been linked to in the past.

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