Pokimane explains her problem with Squid Game after finishing it

Pokimane / Netflix

Pokimane has shared her thoughts on Squid Game after binge-watching the series, arguing that there was too much “shock value” in the show despite enjoying the plotline.

Netflix has had plenty of hit shows over the past 12 months, from The Queen’s Gambit to Bridgerton, but current viral sensation Squid Game is on track to be its biggest series ever, according to the company’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos.

The South Korean TV series follows a group of everyday people who are invited to take part in a series of childhood games. If they win, they’ll get a huge sum of money to pay off their debts, but if they lose, there are deadly consequences.

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Squid Game poster for Netlifx TV seriesNetflix
The Squid Game series has capitvated viewers across the globe.

This morbid-yet-addictive concept has got viewers around the world talking, but one person who isn’t completely sold on the show is streaming superstar Pokimane, who found the “shock value” and violence to be a little too much.

“I just finished Squid Game and I can’t believe so many of you guys recommended it to me, it’s so gory! I really, really liked the plotline, but it’s so gory,” she said during a livestream on Twitch.

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“I liked some of the twists and turns they had, but it felt like there was almost too much shock value gore. I didn’t need to see that much. But that’s a personal preference because I’m a big baby.”

There was one scene in particular that Pokimane pointed out (don’t worry, we won’t be sharing spoilers), adding: “I liked the tail-end of it, but I did not like that last scene.”

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Love it or hate it, there’s no denying how much of a storm Squid Game is causing around the world.

It’s led to plenty of viral content on TikTok, too, with one video showing how difficult the challenges in the show really are and another criticizing the translation errors in the English subtitles.