Pokimane is buying her fans Christmas presents from their Amazon wishlists

. 2 years ago
Pokimane unwraps presents in a Christmas costume on Twitch.
Twitch: Pokimane

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has decided to give back this Christmas by going on a huge Amazon spending spree for her fans on Twitter, buying them dozens of presents from their wishlists in an effort to “spread a lil Christmas cheer.”

The popular Twitch streamer, 24, is often inundated with presents from her fans around Christmas, and usually hosts an annual unboxing stream to get through them all.

This time around though, to cap off 2020, Pokimane has decided to flip the gift-giving script: she wants to spread “a little Christmas cheer” by giving out presents to her Twitter fans, including furniture, school supplies, and clothes.

“I know the holidays can be harder this year for people,” she wrote on Twitter on December 22. “Tryna spread a lil Christmas cheer by giving out presents in the comments! Link me your Amazon wishlists below!”

Of course, her Twitter comments were soon clogged with fans eager to take advantage of the generous offer. As of this article’s publication, more than 20.1k fans have commented on her post. A further 2.2k followers have also retweeted her message.

Pokimane admitted the Christmas giving made her “feel like Oprah.”

“So happy to be giving people stuff they need,” she wrote on her second Twitter account. “Take all my money, you kind souls… you’ll get a couch for your move! You get a notebook for school!! You get clothes for your newborn!”

There’s one request she’s refusing to honor, however; some cheeky fans have been asking her to send out dildos ⁠— a sly reference to her last Christmas stream, where she was left red-faced after unwrapping a similar present.

“Please stop asking for dildos though… it ain’t in my budget LMAO.”

Want to get involved in Pokimane’s gift-giving? It’s easy!

Head to her Twitter thread ⁠— link here ⁠— and throw in your request. We can’t guarantee she’ll see it, unfortunately, but we’d say it’s worth a shot anyway; you could get a free Christmas present out of it!

There is one thing you need to do if you want a present though ⁠— Anys flagged that any potential wishlists need to have third-party shipping turned “on” so the Twitch star can send her Chrissy gifts through the Amazon website without a hitch.

Now to see if DrDisrespect is giving out Lamborghinis for Christmas…

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