PokerStars terminates contract with True Geordie after “islamophobic” remarks in Andrew Tate beef

true geordie pokerstarsYouTube: True Geordie/PokerStars

Online poker platform PokerStars has terminated its contract with UK YouTuber Brian Davis, better known as True Geordie, after the podcaster was accused of Islamophobia following comments made about divisive viral star Andrew Tate.

It became public knowledge that Tate had converted to Islam in October 2022, amid ongoing beef with the likes of KSI, Logan Paul, and, of course, True Geordie.

Just weeks later, True Geordie took shots at Tate, and used his faith against him in what the Brit called an “idiotic joke.” The joke itself suggested that Tate should “do the right thing,” implying from an earlier comment that he should “blow himself up.”

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Several days later, the clip itself started going viral, with Tate also responding to Geordie’s comments, accusing him of making racist remarks and that “you’re going to learn very quickly that was a mistake.”

In the following days, after the situation went viral, Geordie posted an apology video that drew some derision from viewers as he asked for subscribers and likes at the end, with some also accusing him of “acting like the victim” in the scenario.

He was promptly dropped by fitness apparel brand Gymshark, and now PokerStars have followed suit, releasing their own statement and confirming that they will no longer be working with him.

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“We have terminated our contract with True Geordie with immediate effect,” it said. “At PokerStars, we are committed to making poker as inclusive and accessible as possible, and do not tolerate any comments or attitudes that don’t align with our inclusive values.”

Since posting his apology video to YouTube, Geordie has not yet made any public statement in regard to either the situation itself or the brands that are ending their partnerships with him.