True Geordie apologizes to Andrew Tate over “Islamophobic” comments

True Geordie has apologized to controversial social media star Andrew Tate after being accused of making “Islamophobic” comments toward the kickboxer amid fight rumors between the two.

After hundreds of Andrew Tate‘s divisive comments went viral across the internet, British YouTuber and podcast host True Geordie claimed he would “absolutely” punch him in the face if presented the opportunity.

Rumors circulated that the two would ultimately step into the ring and hash it out, and they’ve both since gone back and forth a few times throwing shade at one another. While Andrew claimed he’d fight both True Geordie and KSI in the same night, nothing has since come of it, with potential bout rumors dying down.

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However, the situation has since escalated again, as, during a recent November 6 podcast, True Geordie took aim at Andrew’s religion, after he recently converted to Islam.

The popular YouTuber was asked by a fan if he’ll be fighting Andrew Tate, to which he responded in a fashion many have found shocking.

The YouTuber and his co-host poked fun at the kickboxing champion, claiming that he wouldn’t stand a chance in the ring with Tate since “god is on his side” since his conversion to the religion.

True Geordie continued with comments deemed to be “racist” by critics, stereotyping that Andrew should “blow himself up” and prove how committed he is to Islam.

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Andrew Tate responds to True Geordie

Hitting back at the British YouTuber, Tate put out a chilling response claiming that True Geordie will deal with the consequences of insulting the entire religion.

“There are very few people I personally dislike, one of them is True Geordie,” he said. “He’s very insulting, fat, vulgar, he’s a d**khead, and an unlikeable person. He’s not very smart, he’s stupid.

“Now after me converting to Islam, he made a piece on one of his podcasts saying I’m not true in my conversion, and then insulted all Muslims. Making f**king racist comments about an entire religion as if that’s somehow funny. Let me tell you something my friend, and True Geordie if you are watching this, this is a message directly to you. There are certain times in life when you need to know when to shut the f**k up.”

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Tate continued: “But to insult my religion, and the religion of billions of people across the f**king planet, making ignorant jokes about blowing ourselves up, thinking it’s gonna go without consequence, you’re gonna learn very quickly my friend that was a mistake.”

Fans react to True Geordie “Islamophobic” comments

It didn’t take long for True Geordie to start facing backlash over the comments he made.

“Being islamophobic and perpetuating harmful stereotypes on a public platform and laughing about it is completely ridiculous, especially for someone with a platform as big as his,” one viewer wrote. “Anyone saying anything like this shouldn’t be representing the scene.”

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“What a despicable thing to say. They are actors and sometimes their real self reveals,” one fan hit out.

“It was a poor attempt of a joke trying to show his distaste for Andrew Tate however it’s not acceptable and TrueGeordieTG should apologize as soon as possible and clear this up,” said another.

True Geordie apologizes for “Islamophobic” comments about Andrew Tate

On November 7, True Geordie uploaded a twenty-minute video discussing the incident and issued an open apology for his remarks, calling his comments a “stupid joke.”

“I made a joke in questioning that ‘newfound faith’ of his, that conveniently comes at a time when he needs as many supporters as he can get,” Geordie said of the matter. “It was a stupid joke.”

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“When I say that out loud, when I’m aware of it, f*cking horrendous. It was one of those off-the-cuff remarks I made with a total lack of thought, and I used an unrealistic stereotype to take aim at someone who seriously dislikes me. Obviously I don’t believe that’s what Muslims actually do… It was a very stupid thing to say. It was an idiotic joke – one I’m sorry for.”

Tate has yet to issue a response to Geordie’s video at the time of writing.