PewDiePie’s fans request Belle Delphine inspired bathwater on Instagram

Published: 5/Sep/2019 12:56 Updated: 5/Sep/2019 13:25

by Calum Patterson


Top YouTuber PewDiePie has returned from a well-earned break on his honeymoon, and will soon be back to be uploading to his channel, but his latest Instagram post has sparked a new demand from fans – Belle Delphine-inspired bathwater.

If unfamiliar, Belle Delphine is a now-former Instagram star and popular YouTuber herself, who made headlines earlier in 2019 for selling her used ‘Gamer Girl bathwater’ for $30 a tub.

She was later banned from Instagram, and PewDiePie’s latest post on the photo-sharing social media has drawn comparisons, as he is seen lounging in a bath on his honeymoon.

Belle Delphine / InstagramBelle Delphine caused controversy after selling her used bathwater in tubs for $30.

On returning from his trip, he posted an image showing him covered in petals and relaxing in a hot bath, and the comments are filled with jokes about packaging the water and selling it on for a price.

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Back from Honeymoon!

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Even YouTuber James Charles joined in, commenting “Belle Delphine is shaking”, while others asked, “How much for that bathwater Felix?” and ”Let me [buy] some bathwater please [I don’t care] if it costs extra with some of those flowers in it.”

The comments were filled with bathwater suggestions and jokes, even from James Charles himself.

Of course, as the number one YouTuber in the world, PewDiePie needs neither the money or attention that selling his own bathwater would bring, although Delphine’s enterprise did well, apparently selling 500 containers at $30 a pop.

She even went as far to sell an entire bathtub full, for a whopping $10,000.

Now that PewDiePie is home, his videos should return to their normal daily upload schedule, and he may even be inclined to respond to all the talk his now-infamous bath image.

He covered the Belle Delphine story on his channel in July, and just before leaving for his honeymoon, poked fun at her again telling an evil woman in a horror game to “take your bath water and go away!”

Belle Delphine is still banned from Instagram, and given the length of her suspension so far it appears to be permanent.

Hopefully, PewDiePie’s profile doesn’t meet the same fate after his own bathtub photos.


Logan Paul wants to fight NHL pro Evander Kane after challenging Jake

Published: 2/Dec/2020 17:20

by Michael Gwilliam


YouTube sensation Logan Paul responded to a boxing challenge NHL pro Evander Kane issued to his brother, Jake, during the Impaulsive podcast.

Right after Jake scored a stunning knockout on former basketball player Nate Robinson, the San Jose Sharks left-winger sent a challenge Paul’s way, claiming he’s easy, get ‘wrecked.’

Now, one of the Paul brothers has seemingly accepted the challenge, but it wasn’t the one who Kane was expecting.

“San Jose Sharks? What is that exactly? Some sort of fish or aquatic animal who lives in San Jose?” Logan joked and read Kane’s original tweet. (Segment begins at 33:28)


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“Put him on a list,” he remarked. “Does Jake Paul vs Evander Kane, is that a headline fight? How many buys does that get?”

While Jake’s last fight was on the undercard for Mike Tyson’s boxing return against Roy Jones JR, some could argue that Paul stole the show with his huge knockout that went viral on social media. It’s unclear if Kane would have the same star power as Robinson.

The podcast members agreed that the fight wouldn’t exactly be worthy of a headliner, but Logan Paul had an idea.

“Or does he just do it because he will get another fantastic f**king knockout? Is he even active?” Logan asked, inquiring about if Kane was still playing in the NHL. “Okay, so when is he going to train boxing? We’ll go through it again. I’ll put a quarter-million down this time.”

With Logan Paul down to step into the ring against Kane, all that was needed was a response by the forward, who wasted no time in accepting the invitation.

In a short eight-second video tweet, the Sharks player accepted the challenge quite confidently.

“Logan Paul, I’ll take the mop off your head and wipe the floor with you,” he said and proceeded to tag the YouTuber in the reply.

It’s unclear when or if this fight actually goes down, especially with Kane being active in the NHL, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. The NHL season is set to begin on January 1 at the earliest, but hopefully, the two can arrange for a fight in the following off-season.