PewDiePie mocks “Twitch girls” and Belle Delphine in hilarious horror game roast

YouTube: PewDiePie

YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg has mocked female Twitch streamers, again, in a bizarre and clever way, as he played new horror game ‘Man of Medan’.

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There has been some controversy surrounding certain female Twitch streamers, with many arguing that they receive preferential treatment from the streaming platform, and are able to avoid bans in a way their male counterparts cannot. 

PewDiePie is not known for holding back with his opinions and, in an August 31 YouTube video, he hilariously hit out at stereotypical ‘Twitch girls’ while playing Man of Medan. 

Supermassive GamesMan of Medan replicates Until Dawn’s ‘butterfly effect’ formula.
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The new horror game developed by Supermassive Games – the team behind 2015’s Until Dawn – has been a hit on YouTube with many content creators. However, no content creator has managed to turn the game into a commentary on Twitch streamers, until now. 

PewDiePie’s third part of Man of Medan was uploaded on August 31 and titled ‘Twitch Girls be like…’. However, fans have to wait until the very end of the video to understand the title. 

Pewds is ambushed by a monster in the game who is screaming aggressively, which prompts Kjellberg mock female Twitch creators. “Thing is ugly… go back to Twitch!” he joked. “No I don’t wanna donate to your patreon! Stop! Take your bath water and go away! Yeah, that’s right.” 

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(Timestamp: 45:14)

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PewDiePie is referencing the minority of female Twitch streamers who have caused controversy. He has clashed with streamers such as Alinity before, joining calls for her to be banned for one of the many issues she has found herself embroiled in.

Belle Delphine is a social media star who made headlines earlier this year by trying to sell her used bath water to her followers. 

YouTube: PewDiePiePewds hilariously likened the monster to female Twitch streamers.
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PewDiePie’s scathing comparison shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and merely fits in with the Swede’s cutting sense of humor. 

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As explained at the start of his video, the 29-year-old is currently on his honeymoon with wife Marzia, after they announced their marriage on August 20. 

YouTube’s King seems to be enjoying Man of Medan, and having a bit of fun at the expense of ‘Twitch girls’.