PewDiePie slams Chris Hemsworth & Kumail Nanjiani over alleged steroid use

PewDiePie slams Marvel stars for purported steroid useYouTube: PewDiePie, Men's Health / Disney, Marvel

Chris Hemsworth might be one of the most swole guys in Hollywood, but YouTube star PewDiePie isn’t convinced the Thor actor is natty — and he’s upset that celebs aren’t “being transparent” about their gains.

Swedish YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg may be a gamer, first and foremost, but he’s gone through his own fitness journey and understands how much work it takes to go from couch potato to gym rat.

The star unleashed his jaw-dropping transformation in September 2020, leaving fans shocked and curious as to how he achieved his fitness results.

Kjellberg claimed that cutting out alcohol and eating more protein went a long way in helping him gain muscle, but also stressed the importance of regular workouts (even if he feels his own home gym isn’t top of the line).

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PewDiePie fitness transformation InstagramInstagram: PewDiePie
PewDiePie underwent a shocking fitness transformation in 2020.

However, when it comes to the image some Hollywood A-Listers are shelling out, Kjellberg is far less optimistic.

PewDiePie calls out Marvel actors for “not being transparent” with alleged steroid use

The YouTuber uploaded a video discussing the Marvel movie physique, calling out the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Kumail Nanjiani for their “lack of transparency” about their fitness achievements.

More specifically, Pewds called out Hemsworth for peddling a fitness regimen to fans, who have to pay a certain amount to emulate his workouts with the goal of achieving his muscular frame — a body PewDiePie is convinced is the result of steroids, not just a good diet and exercise.

“How many teenaged Marvel fans do you think are buying this, just hoping to look like Chris?” he asked. “It’s just lame, dude. We know the reason why you put that physique to the next level, and it’s not just put in the work, put in the hours.”

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He went on to call out Kumail Nanjiani, who notably underwent a drastic fitness transformation for his role in Marvel’s Eternals. Similarly, Pewds accused Nanjiani of steroid use, finding it difficult to believe the actor got juiced without using any “secret sauce.”

“Anyone transforming in a year, that’s a dead giveaway,” he said of the actor. “Building muscle takes time. It’s a slow process.”

Overall, PewDiePie recognized that large companies like Disney and Marvel require their actors to fit into a certain, heroic look — but also admitted that fans most likely want to see their favorite actors in tip-top shape.

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“I don’t know who’s right or wrong here. Am I supposed to be mad at Chris and Kumail and all these people? After all, they are just giving people what they want, which is seeing these actors transform in cinema.”