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PewDiePie tests the limits of YouTube’s new harassment policy

Published: 16/Dec/2019 2:05

by Brent Koepp


Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg took another shot at YouTube’s new harassment policy during his December 15 upload by reacting to some questionable memes.

YouTube’s most popular content creator PewDiePie hasn’t been too thrilled with the video-hosting service’s latest harassment policy – which they rolled out on December 11.

The Swedish star, who has been vocal about his criticisms of the new rules, combated them during his latest upload by reacting to content that pushes the envelope.

Twitch: pewdiepie

The Swedish YouTuber reached over 102 million followers in 2019.

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PewDiePie reacts to edgy memes to combat harassment policy

The popular YouTuber has slammed the platforms harassment policy in the past, calling it “stupid” and arguing that it fails to distinguish the difference between a joke and actual bullying.


Pewds used his latest upload titled “I will get in trouble for this” to test the policy’s limits by reacting to the ‘Cursed Comments’ forum on Reddit, where he read submissions that contained vulgar language, sexual jokes, and taboo subjects.

After reading a submission that had violence in the subject, he mocked the updated rules. “It was a joke, YouTube! It was a joke! But he said it! How am I supposed to interpret it? Oh God, he’s dog whistling to other groups,” the 30-year-old said.

(Timestamp 01:16 for mobile users.)

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Each time he read an edgy joke from the Reddit forum, a disclaimer flashed at the bottom of his screen that read “The comments made in this video are purely sarcasm, or hyperbole. Do not take me seriously! PewDiePie does not encourage or endorse anything in this video!”


The YouTube king seems worn down by the platform’s changes, which was demonstrated in his December 14 upload.”YouTube 2019 everyone! It just keeps getting better and better,” he said sarcastically, before continuing. “That’s what I enjoy the most. The step by step improvement that keep occurring!”

He also pointed out that the platform is tough on how it enforces its policies. “The thing I’ve learned about YouTube’s policies is that it doesn’t matter what they say. What matters is how they enforce it. And we’ve already seen how it’s done!” the Swede said.

(Timestamp 00:23 for mobile users.)


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PewDiePie recently announced that he is taking a break from making videos on YouTube in 2020, explaining that he’s “tired” – although he said he will clarify more later on what pushed him to this decision.

Despite his frustrations, the popular entertainer has had an incredible year, reaching 100 million subscribers in August, and getting married in the same month. He was also named the most watched channel on the platform in the annual Rewind video.