Pete Davidson taunts Jake Paul & Ben Askren in hilarious pre-fight interview

Pete Davidson Jake Paul Ben AskrenTriller

Pete Davidson roasted Jake Paul and Ben Askren in a hilarious pre-fight interview that stole the show in the lead-up to the Triller Fight Club PPV’s Main Event. 

The Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Triller Fight Club PPV is jam-packed with stars and musical performances. But in the lead-up to the main event, Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson has been the star of the show.

The panel asked him to share his thoughts on the final bout, but instead of saying anything insightful, he hilariously roasted both fighters, as well as the event itself.

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Pete Davidson Jake Paul Ben AskrenTriller
Pete Davidson was on fire in the lead-up to the main event.

“You can tell how professional this event is by them having me here,” he said.

“Today is a really wild day for boxing because it just shows how low it’s truly sunk. I think today proves the fact that if you have enough followers, you can truly f**king do anything you want.”

“I mean, Maybe PewDiePie will cure cancer, and Charli D’Amelio will become a surgeon. Who knows?”

Then, he took it a step further and personally insulated Ben Askren and Jake Paul.

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“Tonight we have a bout between Ben Askren, who I don’t know that is still, and I’ve been reading up on him all week, and Jake Paul. And you know, they both suck, but at least somebody is going to get hurt!”

People thought it was hilarious. However, it didn’t sit well with Ben Askren, who shared his thoughts about it on social media and threw some shade back.

“I dare Pete Davidson’s little weasel ass to stop by my locker room for the pre-fight interview,” he wrote.

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Fortunately, Pete Davidson did end up popping into his locker room shortly after and the two of them patched things up.

He called Jake a “piece of sh*t” and claimed that “real celebrities don’t like him.”

He even wrapped things up by saying, “nobody wants anything other than for [Ben] to knock [Jake] on his ass.” So, he’s definitely on his side.

Pete Davidson’s ruthless jabs have been a breath of fresh air for an audience who have felt underwhelmed by the lack of fighting and excessive entertainment so far.

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Maybe we will see the fight tonight, who knows. There’s probably another 60 concerts before then.