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People are freaking out over TikToker’s 1.4 million frog army

Published: 9/May/2022 0:24

by Zackerie Fairfax


A TikToker plans to raise 1.4 million frogs for their army of amphibians, and people are freaking out over the impact they’ll have on the ecosystem.

TikTok is a platform for creators of all kinds that houses any manner of content. Popularized due to its Musically style dance trends, the app has grown to include anything from gaming tips to heartwarming stories.

However, with a platform as popular as TikTok, you can expect a fair share of unusual content. Some creators gain a following by pretending to have famous parents, and a goldfish once went viral for knowing how to drive a car.


No matter your interests, TikTok has something to offer everyone. Especially for anyone who’s into raising millions of frog for their own personal army.


day 2 of creating a frog army🐸#frogspawn #frogtok #foryoupage #frogarmy

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TikToker raises 1.4 million frogs

A TikToker by the name thinfrog started documenting their frog army in February 2022. According to the user, they collected frog spawn (eggs) from puddles that were drying up and planned to create the “biggest frog army”.

In an update video posted on May 7, thinfrog stated they had estimated their army to contain 1.4 million frogs. Currently in the tadpole stage of development, the user suggested they had about 2-3 more weeks before they would be fully grown.


The number of tadpoles shown was staggering, and users were quick to share their concerns in the comments. Several users stated this would have severe negative effects on the local ecosystem.

Others suggested thinfrog needed a plan to clean up all of the dead frogs since it isn’t feasible to provide the resources to keep them all alive.


they only have about 2-3 weeks left until they are little frogs🐸dont worry they are not invasive or are they😈just kidding

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It’s impossible to confirm whether thinfrog really has 1.4 million frogs, but they do have quite a lot according to the footage shown.

We’ll just have to keep an eye on thinfrog and their millions of frogs. Hopefully, they’ll take their comment section’s advice and responsibly handle their powerful army.