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TikToker NickyNightmare exposed for lying about celebrity parents

Published: 28/Jan/2022 16:55

by Dylan Horetski


TikToker ‘NickyNightmare’ has been exposed by fellow creator ‘DandyDemon’ for lying about having celebrity parents. 

Occasionally on the internet, you may come across a person who has decided to create their own ‘character’ or just simply lie about certain aspects of their life in order to get views on an app like TikTok.

Sometimes those people are caught in their lies, which is the case for TikToker ‘NickyNightmare’ who has claimed to have celebrity parents while using the name Nick Navarro, implying his father is Dave Navarro from the band Janes Addiction.

TikToker ‘DandyDemon’ is the creator who has exposed Nicky, showing what she found while looking up his name on Google.


DandyDemon exposes NickyNightmare for lying about his parents

Posted on January 9, the TikToker’s video quickly went viral with almost three million views and over 300,000 likes as of the time of writing. In her upload, she shows several of NickyNightmare’s videos claiming that he is “the son of one of the biggest celebrities in the world.”

She then said: “As we all know Nick Navarro, nobody has ever lied on the internet. 28 videos talking about how famous your parents are… he never actually says who his parents are, he just says to Google it. So I did.

“If you take one second to Google him, you will see that his dad is Dave Navarro. But I did a little more than one second of Googling. This is Carnival Pizza, the restaurant that your dad owns.”


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The creator went on to show the strip mall that his father’s pizza restaurant is in, and matched it up with the background of one of NickyNightmare’s videos.

She also went on to note that there is no record of Dave Navarro having kids and doesn’t even live in the same area as his alleged son.

“It seems like you manipulated Google search results to make it seem like your dad is Dave Navarro so that you don’t have to say it and you won’t get in trouble,” DandyDemon said.


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