Goldfish goes viral on TikTok for literally knowing how to drive

goldfish with wide eyes and open mouth and tiktok logoPhotographer's Choice, ByteDance

In 2022 animals can do some crazy things, and one TikTok user has gone viral by showing off a video teaching goldfish how to drive – yes, you read that right. 

As the internet continues to become a hive of viral videos and insane clips, it feels like we’ve seen everything that our wild world has to offer.

The advent of TikTok has seen a rise in short one-shot videos designed purely to entertain. From up-and-coming artists making videos with rap legend, Snoop Dogg, to the all-new Orbeez Challenge that has attracted the attention of the police; there’s a whole pool of varied content on the app.

A new viral video has taken over the internet, however, and features the humble goldfish. Our scaly friends have always been renowned for being more clever than they look, but it turns out that they can even drive. Yes, seriously.

two goldfish in a circular bowlKonstantin Koekin
They may look a little oblivious, but these adorable critters can apparently drive.

Tiktok of goldfish driving goes viral

If you’ve ever wanted to be put to shame by a goldfish, then this video is the one for you. Entitled ‘would you get this for your goldfish?” it shows one tiny orange fish in a large tank on wheels.

As the fish approaches the tank’s boundary, it moves. Seen making its way over to a red section on the opposing wall, the adorable aquarian creature manages to perfectly slot the tank into the red zone, earning a treat for its troubles.

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This fun little clip has left viewers absolutely stunned – many of whom cannot drive themselves. “Someday scientists will teach people from Connecticut how to drive too,” jokes one, while another commented “you guys joke but this is groundbreaking research scientists estimate they could teach people in California to drive by the end of 2035.”

“Bro just thinks he is swimming,” another said. “Cool now my goldfish can go for a walk alone.” While this last one hits different, don’t worry, we’re sure he enjoys your company.

As scientists continue to prove that animals can perform miracles, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not we start to see goldfish tearing down the highway in their tanks. Until then, though, we’re pretty content with this video.