PaymoneyWubby reacts after being banned on Twitch yet again

Published: 11/Feb/2021 21:00

by Virginia Glaze


Streaming star ‘PaymoneyWubby’ has been banned from Twitch for the fourth time, leading to a hilarious reaction from the broadcaster amid his fans’ outrage and confusion.

PaymoneyWubby is no stranger to being banned from Twitch. The popular broadcaster has now been punished by the popular streaming platform for the fourth time, marking the latest in a series of previous suspensions against the star.

Wubby’s latest ban occurred on February 11, 2021. While it’s unclear how long his ban will last, he did offer some explanation as to why he received a suspension — and it’s not for the weak-stomached.

In a humorous screencap from his latest broadcast, Wubby showed a photo of his face covered in spit, joking that his fans could get 50% off their purchase at an adult toy store using his promotional code.

It’s still not officially confirmed if that moment was, indeed, responsible for his ban, but it doesn’t seem like Wubby is taking the punishment all too seriously. And why would he, when he’s been banned on multiple occasions and returned afterwards?

In the past, Wubby has been banned for an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, an awkward 5-second clip that played during a donation, and streaming from a restaurant IRL, despite getting permission from the location to do so.

In spite of all his bans, Wubby hasn’t jumped ship from Twitch yet, claiming that he prefers Twitch as a streaming platform in comparison to other venues like YouTube.

While his first ban lasted five days, his second and third were merely one-day bans, and it could be safe to say that his latest suspension will last the same amount of time. Still, there’s much left up in the air at this point, leaving fans anxious to see their favorite broadcaster return.

For now, it looks like Wubby will have to wait a little while before going live again — but there’s no telling that he won’t accidentally step over an odd boundary like using an image of his face covered in saliva.


KSI starts hilarious “beef” with Minecraft star TommyInnit

Published: 24/Feb/2021 20:13

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star-turned-boxer KSI has struck up yet another humorous “feud” with the uber-popular Minecraft influencer TommyInnit — leading to a completely hilarious and unexpected response from the gamer.

When it comes to fandom feuds, most bystanders know better than to get involved… but when content creators themselves declare war against each other, it’s almost impossible for viewers to not take an interest.

This time around, British rapper and influencer KSI has taken some shots at TommyInnit — all for the jokes, of course. While the two have “duked it out” on social media before (all for the lulz), this time, a slew of other high-profile names are getting involved in a chuckle-worthy social media showdown.

On February 24, KSI stirred the pot with a tweet that caught the attention of Minecraft fans all over the app: “Sidemen fanbase > Minecraft fanbase.”

A short while later, the commotion caught the attention of none other than MrBeast, who replied: “Anyone else waiting with popcorn for TommyInnit to reply?”

It wasn’t long before the British Minecraft star chimed in on the situation with a series of responses that left the internet in stitches.

“Mr Beast,” he began “I don’t do drama Mr Beast. I just tell people who are wrong why they’re wrong, and why they’re f***ing stupid. KSI is almost always wrong. He’s never been right. He just sits there dissing people in his ivory tower, meanwhile I’m sat here on Reddit studying algorithm. F*** him.”

However, it was Tommy’s next response that took the joke even further, with the YouTuber poking fun at his own viewers: “Tommy fanbase is a bunch of 12 year old girls who fangirl over him. Same for Carl and Dream, and Sidemen fanbase who can handle jokes.”

The Minecrafter then jokingly asked his fans to ratio KSI’s Tweet — a request that fellow Minecraft personality Quackity graciously agreed to, writing: “I just think it’s funny when old people get less likes. Signal boosted.”

While this is far from the first time KSI has effectively “stirred the pot” with the Minecraft fandom, their “feud” is no more than playful banter and humorous jokes — which are currently giving their respective fanbases a hilarious interaction that has some calling for a diss track.