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Twitch bans PaymoneyWubby again over 5-second clip

Published: 16/Feb/2020 17:13 Updated: 16/Feb/2020 22:17

by Scott Robertson


Update: As of 5:11 pm on Feb 16, PaymoneyWubby has been unbanned after 1 day, 38 minutes, per @StreamerBans.

Twitch streamer PaymoneyWubby has received another suspension on his account, apparently due to a clip suggested during a media share stream. The popular YouTuber will be back soon, but his community is wondering if this latest ban will be what sends him to another platform.

PayMoneyWubby has never been shy about criticizing the platform, and most of his scathing comments came during his two-week ban fiasco in November 2019.

On February 16, Wubby received yet another ban from the streaming platform, albeit much shorter than his previous. On the same day, he tweeted out a confirmation of the ban, but said he’d be back for his Sunday IRL stream a day later.


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The consensus on the PaymoneyWubby subreddit is that the ban comes from a clip that was shared via a donation during a media share portion of the stream, where viewers donate with links to get shown on stream.

Wubby himself confirmed that was the case in a Reddit thread about his ban.

PayMoneyWubby cited “the clip” as the cause of his latest suspension.

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The clip in question is an older YouTube video from 2011, from the channel 5secondfilms. In the video, a man getting out of the shower is stranded without a towel, so he “tucks” himself away in reference to Buffalo Bill from “The Silence of the Lambs” film, much to the disgust of his roommate.


The clip from Wubby’s stream where this was shown has been deleted, as he apparently removed the VOD and any offending clips himself, prior to the suspension. Likely, it was flagged for nudity, thus resulting in the ban.

For Wubby, this is his second ban in the past few months. In November, after streaming IRL in a restaurant, Twitch banned him for allegedly not having the owner’s permission to do so.

PaymoneyWubby, TwitchWubby, one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, has also been one of its biggest critics.

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He claimed that he did, and a drawn-out process ensued, during which he took every opportunity to call out the platform for ignoring his messages regarding his appeal. Upon getting his channel reinstated, he dedicated an entire stream to mocking Twitch and its moderators.


Since that ban, he hasn’t shied away from calling out the platform, even making a YouTube video highlighting what he sees as double standards and bias from the people who run Twitch.

Despite that, he’s remained on the site and hasn’t jumped ship, citing the amount of “heart” in the community, but fans will tune into his Sunday IRL stream to see if his view changes after his recent ban.