PaladinAmber has brutal comeback for viewer trying to flirt with her

PaladinAmber, Twitch

Popular Australian Twitch streamer PaladinAmber is known for her hilarious responses to unruly viewers — but one fan got so excited that she had to shut them down with a hilariously scathing comeback.

PaladinAmber is one of the most popular Twitch personalities down under, boasting an audience of over 77,000 followers on the site due to her witty sense of humor and creative special effects, as seen in her viral “breaking news” segments.

However, Amber is also known for her amusing interactions with fans, some of which have spiraled into entertaining clapbacks for those who don’t understand personal boundaries.

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itspaladinamber, Instagram
Streamer PaladinAmber is one of Australia’s most popular internet personalities, boasting over 77k followers on Twitch alone.

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One such viewer hopped into her chat during an April 8 broadcast, expressing acute romantic interest in the streamer in spite of her numerous attempts at clowning him in front of her audience.

“U single Amber?” the viewer, going by the screen name ‘ant2345667b’ asked.

“Ant? We’ve been through this,” she replied. “No.”

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That wasn’t the end of their attempts, either. The viewer went on to write: “Lovely hire sexy. Woman u bro Amber” — a statement that took her a minute to parse aloud.

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“Listen, bud, I don’t know what you want from me,” she answered.

Ant then entered an apparent phone number in the chat in an attempt to get her to call them, typing out other such pickup lines as “Pretty Amber,” “Lovely hot lol” and “Amber lovely body.”

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“Ant, I’m not gonna call you, dude,” she argued, with the user then asking if she would “date an Italian” — a statement that was apparently the last straw for the broadcaster.

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“Ant, bud, listen, stop,” Amber commanded. “I’m not gonna call you. I’m not gonna date you. If you’re on Twitch to find somebody to f**k, the only f**k you’re ever gonna get is if you f**k off! Stop. I’m over it. Enough.”

“I’m annoyed and sick at that sort of behavior,” she continued, going on to reference how disturbed she was by fellow streamer Sweet Anita’s shocking ordeal with a stalker. “I’m not doing it anymore. It’s not happening, alright?”

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Although she’s known for putting her foot down in hilarious ways, Amber’s statement puts important boundaries in place for an occupation that all too many feel is an invitation to engage in untoward behavior.

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