Painting of “not real” girl goes viral with aliens on plane

Connor Bennett
Side by side of woman stadning on plane shouting in real life and in paintingTikTok/Travis Chapman

A painting of the woman who went super viral claiming she was sat next to someone who was “not real” on a plane has gone viral as she’s surrounded by a whole host of mythical beings.

If you’ve been living under a rock and missed out on the viral “not real” saga about a woman on a plane, well, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. 

The TikTok video went viral back in early July as a woman getting set to travel on a domestic US flight had a freak-out moment. She left her chair and stood in the middle of the cabin, telling everyone she was leaving because the person sat next to her was “not real” and intimated that they were all in danger.

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Naturally, the short video swept across social media as people were desperate to see different angles. Eventually, another clip did surface, claiming to show a guy in a green hoodie being spoken to by cabin crew. Though, it has been disputed that it could be from another flight.

Painting of viral “not real” person flight has viewers amazed

Well, now a new take on the clip has also gone viral after an artist – Travis Chapman – decided to recreate that scene with his paintbrush, but added a little twist. 

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Instead of being surrounded by normal passengers, the woman who freaked out is, instead, surrodned by a number of mythical creatures. That’s right, there’s aliens, unicorns, Santa Claus, and even mermaids taking the place of the passengers.

TikTok has certainly fallen in love with it too as Travis’ clip, which obviously has the audio from the original video on top of it, has picked up over 10 million views and a further 1.5 million likes in just one day.

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Viewers have been left astounded by some of the ‘passengers’ in the mythical flight scene too. “Not Avril Lavigne sitting there!” commented one, referencing the theory that the Skater Boi singer was replaced with a body double years ago. 

“This is a masterpiece. The Sistine Chapel of our generation,” added another. “Can you make prints of this please? I would seriously buy one,” another said. 

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