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Streamer humiliated after being trolled by her dad over vibrating tool

Published: 6/Apr/2020 19:09

by Brent Koepp


A Twitch streamer was left red in the face after her father trolled her in the middle of a broadcast. The personality had previously been given a hard time by her chat for a vibrating skincare tool.

Sometimes streamers decide to open up to their viewers about their personal life, even if it leaves them in tears of laughter. This is what happened to ‘JadeyAnh’ after she showed her Twitch chat the gift her father had given her.

However, after her audience mistook the skincare item for something else, the personality was left speechless when her father decided to side with the trolls and landed a perfectly timed joke.

Streamer trolled by dad over vibrating tool

The whole mishap kicked off on April 4 when the streamer decided to share that her father had bought her a gift. “So my dad, because he watches my streams, he knows me a little bit more than I want him to. So he gave me this,” she said.

She then held up the object in front of the camera, and clicked a button which immediately made it vibrate. “So when he turned it on, I was like “what is that?” He was like “I know what you’re thinking this is, but it’s not. It’s for pulling up whiteheads!”

However, despite trying to explain that it was a skincare tool, her chat erupted into hysterics as many of her viewers had already mistaken the object for something else. The streamer broke into laughter at their reaction.

A day later, Jadey met up with her dad on stream, and tried to clarify the whole mishap. “I just explained to my dad there is a clip on Reddit of me, because he gave me something to suck out the blackheads and whiteheads off the nose,” she said.

She then continued to explain how her chat misunderstood what it was. “I put it on, so it vibrates. Because it’s a machine. And I put it in front of the stream and was like “It’s a gift from my dad” and of course everyone was like, vibrating, gift from dad… Holy s**t!”

The Twitch personality then told her chat that her father wanted to speak to them.”Okay, my dad wants to tell you something.” She turned the camera to him, and without missing a beat, he said, “It’s a di*do.” She then screamed, “What the f**k!?” and covered her face with her hands while laughing in embarrassment.

The comical clip shows that streamers, like everyone else, have parents that are willing to lovingly embarrass them. His perfectly-timed joke had everyone in laughter.

Despite the hilarious misunderstanding with her chat, JadeyAnh has built up and audience of 32k followers with her Just Chatting and IRL streams at the time of writing.


YouTuber Emma Blackery explains erratic content in tearful vlog

Published: 24/Nov/2020 17:20

by Alice Hearing


YouTuber and musician Emma Blackery has explained why her content totally changed in the last two years and hit out at the music industry for “cruel” treatment in a tearful vlog.

Emma Blackery is a long-time British YouTuber who first began posting on the platform in 2012, she has 1.4 million subscribers and has been associated with other musicians who first began on YouTube such as Dodie Clark.

One of Emma’s most popular videos, which amassed almost 4 million views, revealed the truth behind YouTube rewind and how badly creators were treated during the filming of the 2017 version.

In 2018, Emma’s career expanded outside of YouTube and into the music industry after she released her debut album ‘Villains’ which charted at No.24 in the UK. However, between then and now, fans noticed she gained weight and her content was sporadic and irregular.

Emma Blackery YouTuber
Instagram: Emma Blackery
Emma said the stress made her gain a stone in weight

She said it took her so long to tell the story, because “for a long time I just felt a lot of shame over everything that happened. I felt as though I could have done more to stop all of it from happening to me. I felt like it was my fault.”

In the video, Emma explained what happened and that there was an individual, who she doesn’t mention by name, that broke her trust and overspent a huge amount of her money during the promotion of her music.

“It really hit home just how much money was being spent. I remember bursting into tears… because I finally allowed myself to see this individual who I’d allowed so much access to my business to my career. l had allowed this tour and this album to cost me money that was just absolutely absurd for the longest time after that I felt so much anger.”

She went on to explain how the stress affected her content, adding “I began behaving a bit more erratically. I changed my image, my videos were all over the place…I couldn’t cope with it. I flipped. I deleted all my social media. I took every single app off my phone.”

It also affected her on a personal level: “People have really loved to point out over the last year or so I gained a lot of weight… I gained over a stone. My skin broke out and I started to develop what I now know is a mild form of facial psoriasis.”

However, while she’s doing better, Emma finished by saying that her content will still be different from what it was before: “In case you’re wondering I’m just making things that make me happy because at this time right now I just need to focus on my own happiness.”