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Osu! streamer embarrassed as mom walks in at worst possible moment

Published: 20/Jan/2020 13:29 Updated: 20/Jan/2020 13:30

by Kamil Malinowski


Twitch streamer ‘imRikita’ got incredibly embarrassed after an osu! song was mistaken for something pretty inappropriate. 

Osu! is a rhythm game where players have to touch and move points on their screen, based on a chosen song. The speed of the game is based on the tempo of the song, so many players choose to play fast-paced songs for exciting games.

Streamer imRikita was playing a custom Anime themed map set when he was interrupted by his mom, who thought it was something completely different.

osu 'peppy'
Osu! is a popular rhythm game.

This happened during the American’s usual osu! stream on January 19 as he suddenly paused the broadcast, seemingly speaking to someone who had just entered his room.


“Wait what – you can hear it? What… no, it’s a song!” he said as he replied to someone who could not be heard on stream. Many viewers assumed that someone suggested they could hear an adult video coming from the streamer’s room, which isn’t too hard to believe considering how the song sounded.

ImRikita then sounded incredibly upset and on the edge of tears, saying he was “so embarrassed”, before letting out a laugh and telling his stream that he needed to go and explain that he was just listening to a song.

The American returned shortly after, clearly embarrassed as he claimed he was “dying on the inside” and that he couldn’t believe what had happened. Regardless, he got back into the game but decided it was for the best to skip the song that had caused the embarrassment.


Meanwhile, his chat were absolutely loving it, laughing at the situation throughout and making jokes about Rikita getting caught watching adult content. Later on, some viewers did offer some sympathies as they claimed they could feel the embarrassment themselves.

The streamer will probably have to turn down his volume and be a bit more careful if he wants to avoid another embarrassing situation in the future.