OnlyFans model makes thousands per day decorating Christmas trees topless

Michael Gwilliam
onlyfans model makes thousands decorating christmas trees topless

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and to celebrate, an OnlyFans model is decorating clients’ Christmas trees with a new twist.

Putting up your Christmas tree up for the holidays is an age-old tradition, but an OnlyFans model has found a way to make money by doing it for some of her subscribers.

How, you may ask? By decorating their trees topless, of course! In a new TikTok video, ‘sincerest_sammi,’ who previously made a fortune with her topless maid service, revealed the details of her operation.

After going on social media and asking clients in the Florida area if they needed their trees decorated, she got over 30 replies, which surprised even her. What’s even more ridiculous is the money she’s making in the process.

Woman reveals huge payday from decorating Christmas trees topless

According to Sammi, she only expected a couple of people to be interested in the idea because she was under the impression the majority of her fans already had their trees set up.

“What have I been doing all day today? Putting up a bunch of Christmas trees, decorating them, putting up little villages around people’s houses. I even had one man who had a Christmas tree in his backyard that he wanted chopped down with an axe!” she explained.

Sammi said that she decided to charge the same amount she usually does for her topless maid service of $300 an hour and with tips, it looks like she’s going to have a very green Christmas.

“Today’s sum of putting up Christmas decorations topless was $3,500!” she exclaimed, fanning herself with the money, adding that 30% goes to her security guard for protecting her.

This isn’t the first side hustle to net someone big bucks recently. In another viral story, a man made over $400 by challenging strangers to chug beers faster than him at an NFL tailgate party.

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