“Topless Maid” wows viewers after revealing shocking daily pay

Dylan Horetski
topless maid tiktoker

A woman on TikTok has wowed viewers after revealing the shocking amount of money she earns every day being a “topless maid.”

With over a billion monthly users on TikTok, scrolling through your FYP is a great way to find the wide variety of ways people are making money.

Whether it’s Uber, Door Dash, or the latest random need in your neighborhood, the ways to earn money on your own terms are quite vast.

A woman by the name of Sammi, who goes by sincerest_sammi on TikTok, has wowed her viewers after revealing she makes thousands of dollars a day being a “topless maid.”

“Topless Maid” goes viral after sharing staggering pay

Throughout various videos on her account, Sammi has shared stories about her days as a topless maid — and reveals how much money she’s managed to make from it.

In one video on April 11, Sammi explained she was hired to mow part of a farmer’s pasture with her shirt off. After finishing the job in less than an hour, the farmer paid her $1,100 in cash.

She’s also detailed what a full day of work looks like, stating that cleaning eight houses brought her nearly $4,000 in just eight hours of time.

Sammi does have security that sits out in the car that she pays 35% of her income to, but it’s still a staggering amount of money.

While some of the TikTok users that come across Sammi’s videos are a bit skeptical about the process, others share their support for her hustle.

“$3850 for a single day??? I’m clearly in the wrong line of business! Love this for her,” one viewer said.

“It’s a good thing that people’s opinions don’t control your life, never listen to the naysayers,” another user commented.

Sammi also has a plethora of people looking to get into the business in their own areas, sharing in the comments that they look up to her.

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